Languages of Love

Have you ever tried to express love to someone only to find that your efforts weren’t appreciate? Or that maybe they don’t reciprocate love to you in the way that means the most? Why is that? Well, it could be that you’re speaking very different “love languages.” There’s a book out there called “The Five … More Languages of Love

Victim or Hero?

Are you a Hero or a Victim? This post came to me from reflection on the stories I tell and the stories I’ve heard others tell who are close to me. I’ll warn you, this might ruffle some feathers. How do I know that? Because it ruffled mine and I’m the one who’s writing this! … More Victim or Hero?

Weekly Reflection

What a time to be alive. This is the stuff that movies are made about and now we’re living it. What a time. While it’s easy to be scared and easy to let our minds wonder, it’s also an easy time to be still and reflect. Reflect not just on what Covid 19 means for … More Weekly Reflection

Be Lovingly Curious

This weekend is the “lover’s holiday.” Friday may bring a lot of joy and excitement for some. For others it could be like the Office episode where they hold an “anti-valentines” party and talk about all their horrible past relationships. Wherever you fall, this is NOT a post about Valentines Day. It just happens to … More Be Lovingly Curious

Attack Formation

Why read this? All of us have conflict with others. It’s an inescapable fact that we will all go through conflict. What happens when you’re attacked and feel defensive and justified to attack back? How do you know what to say and do? What’s appropriate? In this post I will share some insight I’ve gained … More Attack Formation