Limiting Beliefs

I’m a new dad as of barely 2 months ago. Since then, a lot of my ambitions have taken on a new flavor. I’m thinking more about the legacy I’m leaving for my family. The ambitions I pursue, I want them to have a lasting impact more than just my personal goals. I don’t know, … More Limiting Beliefs

Thoughts on Milestones

Milestones are something everyone said to enjoy because they quickly pass when I became a dad. They’re right! They fly by and they’re so precious when they happen. The other day, a new one happened. Callianne lifted her toy dumbbell some dear friends got her. She’s going to outcompete Daddy soon enough! She’s been coming … More Thoughts on Milestones

How to Use Words

I talk… A lot. I don’t mean “oh he ‘talks’” as in gossip. I just generally use a lot of words each day and I talk! A lot! I bet you do too. Some of us talk more than others. I get to communicate regularly to an audience so I even get paid to talk, … More How to Use Words

Am I Ready?

At the time of writing this, we will be induced to have our baby girl tomorrow morning. A common question we keep getting asked, and rightly so, is “Are you ready?” This question can evoke arrogance (of course I’m ready) or cowardice (I have no idea and not sure what I got myself into). But … More Am I Ready?


What a word. It’s a word we desperately need right now. Unity is when we can stand together as one people under one God. Unity sees diversity as an expression of God’s creativity and welcomes every life into the mix. But what causes disunity? As I ponder recent events, it makes me reflect on what … More Unity

No Time To Wait!

I’m not good with waiting… Just ask anyone, seriously. Often that gets me into trouble. Like asking out my wife on our first date, telling her it’s a group date, before I even asked anybody else to go… Then, asking her on the second date before we even went on that one… Not quite sure … More No Time To Wait!

Victim or Hero?

Are you a Hero or a Victim? This post came to me from reflection on the stories I tell and the stories I’ve heard others tell who are close to me. I’ll warn you, this might ruffle some feathers. How do I know that? Because it ruffled mine and I’m the one who’s writing this! … More Victim or Hero?