Limiting Beliefs

I’m a new dad as of barely 2 months ago. Since then, a lot of my ambitions have taken on a new flavor. I’m thinking more about the legacy I’m leaving for my family. The ambitions I pursue, I want them to have a lasting impact more than just my personal goals. I don’t know, … More Limiting Beliefs

Thoughts on Milestones

Milestones are something everyone said to enjoy because they quickly pass when I became a dad. They’re right! They fly by and they’re so precious when they happen. The other day, a new one happened. Callianne lifted her toy dumbbell some dear friends got her. She’s going to outcompete Daddy soon enough! She’s been coming … More Thoughts on Milestones

How to Use Words

I talk… A lot. I don’t mean “oh he ‘talks’” as in gossip. I just generally use a lot of words each day and I talk! A lot! I bet you do too. Some of us talk more than others. I get to communicate regularly to an audience so I even get paid to talk, … More How to Use Words

Decluttering Life

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this blog post and being a part of this ambition. I enjoy blogging, and recently vlogging on life’s journey. If this is your first time reading my blog, I work as an associate minister in Indiana around the Indy area. I love what I get to do. I’m also a … More Decluttering Life

Growth Mindset

I’ve been trying CrossFit for about a year now. The past 5 months since building our home CrossFit gym, it’s been 6 days a week. The reason I tell you that is because it’s allowed me to practice the Growth Mindset; something my wife helps kids do on a daily basis. Well, I’m also becoming … More Growth Mindset