Stay Ambitious

I’ve been told I’m an ambitious person. I can’t really remember too many times someone had to “hurry me along” to get me to do something or work hard. But I can recall several occasions where people have had to “slow me down.” New ideas give me life. Creativity, thinking outside the box, moving along … More Stay Ambitious

Does Legacy Matter?

Does your legacy really matter? Your gut instinct answer is no doubt = yes. Most people understand that our legacy matters deeply and we want to leave something meaningful behind. Whether it’s in life, our old job, in our children’s life before they leave the house, etc. Lately I’ve been thinking about my legacy. Today … More Does Legacy Matter?

Sending is Healthy

Recently I had a conversation with a guy in our church who decided to leave. BUT, he’s leaving for reasons in which I’m so glad he’s leaving. Typically when you begin a conversation with, “My wife and I are leaving your church” it’s not always followed by positive words or encouragement. But this was very … More Sending is Healthy

Find The “Why”

But Why?… If someone were to ask you this question, what would you say?: Why do you do what you do? Scary question ins’t it? Especially when we don’t have an answer. Or our answer is just for survival and not passion. Direction in life comes from “discovering your why.” So does fulfillment. Part of … More Find The “Why”

Attack Formation

Why read this? All of us have conflict with others. It’s an inescapable fact that we will all go through conflict. What happens when you’re attacked and feel defensive and justified to attack back? How do you know what to say and do? What’s appropriate? In this post I will share some insight I’ve gained … More Attack Formation

Life On Purpose

I love that picture as the heading photo for this particular post. The thing I love most about it is the color. I believe when each of us finds our “why” and begins the journey of living out that purpose that it paints a beautiful, chaotic, messy yet amazing picture in our world. When life … More Life On Purpose