Limiting Beliefs

I’m a new dad as of barely 2 months ago. Since then, a lot of my ambitions have taken on a new flavor. I’m thinking more about the legacy I’m leaving for my family. The ambitions I pursue, I want them to have a lasting impact more than just my personal goals. I don’t know, … More Limiting Beliefs

Anticipatory Living

Anticipation. What have you lived in anticipation for? Myself, on a personal note, have several things I’ve lived in great anticipation for: Getting married. Going into ministry. Having a child. Competing in CrossFit. Graduating College. The end of quarantine. And more but you aren’t reading this to see my huge list. What about you? What … More Anticipatory Living

A New Chapter

On June 18th our lives took quite a turn. You prepare for the birth of your first child but you can only prepare so much. Then, literally overnight, your life changes completely and will never be the same. And I love it! Callianne was an answer to prayer and a miracle from God. A battle … More A New Chapter