Keeping The Dad Bod

Family. It means something new to me these days. I always knew I would love being a dad but didn’t realize that as soon as Callianne got here I couldn’t imagine life without her. We have been enjoying 7 weeks of exploring with our new little one.

I also realize that now more than ever is the reason why I train! There’s a bunch of hashtags and people you can search for talking about the #dadbod. Basically, dads (and parents in general) can be pretty busy. But I feel that having a priority on my health and well being can pay huge dividends for my encounters with my family. I started CrossFit a year ago and now more than ever am I thankful for the endurance I’ve gotten to.

One are is the exhaustion. People keep asking if I’m tired. Well yeah lol! Of course I am. But, if I had to be honest, it’s really not bad at all. I think being so active and able to endure hard workouts makes it easier to get up and entertain and feed a little one. I’m able to hop right out of bed when it’s my turn and it’s no problem. We sleep trained Callie soon as she arrived so we are sleeping really well at night! Thank you Lord Jesus! (I’ll post on how we sleep trained her in a later post).

Dad Bod as a priority

It’s no surprise that it was a lot harder to keep my hard workout routine (doing a couple WOD’s per day) when she got here. But, thankfully, 7 weeks in and we’ve found our rhythm and are able to do so. But why do I want to be fit as a dad?

Well, in short, it’s one of my life’s ambitions. My reasoning? Because I want to experience the fullest quality of life Jesus has in store for me. I believe a healthy and capable body, obtained through functional fitness, is a great tool for doing that. My 2 main components: hard WOD’s and clean eating.

Another reason I’m chasing that #dadbod is because I want Callianne to be able to live free from excuses. It would be so easy to make an excuse for why I’m too busy to workout or eat well when Culver’s is right down the road. But I want her to know that daddy’s strong and takes care of the body God gave him. I’m chasing her having a positive image of her own body, something that I believe is lacking in so many daughters in today’s world. If daddy’s putting a priority on his body and making it strong, so will she.

Anyways, I just wanted to blog about that funny hashtag I’m seeing everywhere (and using if I had to be honest). Fitness is important to me. But it’s more than having washboard abs, which is what I used to be after. These days, it’s about staying functionally healthy. And even more important, helping my gorgeous wife and cute little daughter have a healthy image of their own bodies. That’s why I’m on that #teamdadbod.

What are your motivations for staying healthy?