No Time To Wait!

I’m not good with waiting… Just ask anyone, seriously. Often that gets me into trouble. Like asking out my wife on our first date, telling her it’s a group date, before I even asked anybody else to go… Then, asking her on the second date before we even went on that one… Not quite sure … More No Time To Wait!

Amplify Hope

All of us amplify something. Think about it… What you really believe in you amplify, talk about, shout about, argue about, get involved with, and more. We amplify things that we are invested in or that we believe in. This is one of the reason’s you’re reading this blog. I believe in life and leadership … More Amplify Hope

Bloom Where You Are

Coming off of yesterday’s blog post: Crushing the Now, I want to take this thought even further. Thinking of your Enneagram type, your temperament, your relationships, and your life’s circumstances let’s dive into “how” you can crush the now which could eventually lead to your next. All of us can get fixated on what’s next. … More Bloom Where You Are