Anticipatory Living

Anticipation. What have you lived in anticipation for? Myself, on a personal note, have several things I’ve lived in great anticipation for: Getting married. Going into ministry. Having a child. Competing in CrossFit. Graduating College. The end of quarantine. And more but you aren’t reading this to see my huge list. What about you? What … More Anticipatory Living

How to Use Words

I talk… A lot. I don’t mean “oh he ‘talks’” as in gossip. I just generally use a lot of words each day and I talk! A lot! I bet you do too. Some of us talk more than others. I get to communicate regularly to an audience so I even get paid to talk, … More How to Use Words

Seeing 2020

Everyone says the same thing every year… “This year I’m gonna _______.” Some of us know exactly what to put into the blank. Others of us have to really think about it. We aren’t sure. No matter where you fall maybe this year can be a year of “2020” vision for you. It is, after … More Seeing 2020

We Are ONE!

Recently I heard a message that I have since felt compelled to share in this space. Today will be a little break from our normal leadership and Enneagram content but I think for a good reason. I hope this encourages you and motivates you, it sure did me! This will be a short post but … More We Are ONE!