Anticipatory Living

Anticipation. What have you lived in anticipation for? Myself, on a personal note, have several things I’ve lived in great anticipation for: Getting married. Going into ministry. Having a child. Competing in CrossFit. Graduating College. The end of quarantine. And more but you aren’t reading this to see my huge list. What about you? What … More Anticipatory Living

Time For A Change

I’ve been blogging now for a year. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. A blog is something I’ve always considered doing and wanted to do but just never did it (did you track with me there lol). I love talking about leadership which was the focus of my website for a long … More Time For A Change

How to Use Words

I talk… A lot. I don’t mean “oh he ‘talks’” as in gossip. I just generally use a lot of words each day and I talk! A lot! I bet you do too. Some of us talk more than others. I get to communicate regularly to an audience so I even get paid to talk, … More How to Use Words

Decluttering Life

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this blog post and being a part of this ambition. I enjoy blogging, and recently vlogging on life’s journey. If this is your first time reading my blog, I work as an associate minister in Indiana around the Indy area. I love what I get to do. I’m also a … More Decluttering Life

A New Chapter

On June 18th our lives took quite a turn. You prepare for the birth of your first child but you can only prepare so much. Then, literally overnight, your life changes completely and will never be the same. And I love it! Callianne was an answer to prayer and a miracle from God. A battle … More A New Chapter

Am I Ready?

At the time of writing this, we will be induced to have our baby girl tomorrow morning. A common question we keep getting asked, and rightly so, is “Are you ready?” This question can evoke arrogance (of course I’m ready) or cowardice (I have no idea and not sure what I got myself into). But … More Am I Ready?

My Nutrition Journey

That title is a bit misleading because it assumes I’m “done” with that journey. BUT, please rest assured that’s not what’s meant by it. This is indeed a journey I’m still on. And, finally, able to nail down direction with my nutrition. But to catch us up, it’s important to show you where I’ve come … More My Nutrition Journey