We’re Moving!

Photo by Tina Chelidze on Unsplash

Oh wow, is this really happening? Yes, I believe so. Over the past few months we weren’t entirely sure all the time. The emotions that go into this kind of move are many. But in the end, we believe God has led us to this new adventure. Truthfully we feel it’s a calling on our lives. Not just to move but a deeper calling. It’s a calling to be faithful. And our family believes that this move will be in line with staying faithful to God’s mission for our family. Let me explain…

Where it started…

That darn pandemic got us all didn’t it? While there’s finally hope that it’s ending, there’s no denying that 2020 was quite a year for all of us. For my family, though it was hard in many ways, 2020 was one of the best years we’ve ever had. We had our baby girl in June. We got to work from home together all year long. And, we began to pray a simple prayer, “God we want to be faithful so use is in whatever way keeps us faithful and advances your Kingdom.” He must be taking us seriously.

It was in December 2020 that I received a phone call I’ve never quite received before. We had been praying that prayer the entire year and I preached late December at my current church. When I came off the platform I felt like God was up to something. Apparently I wasn’t alone. Sara too felt that nudge but neither of us knew what it meant. But we sat at our dinner table that day wondering what it meant.

A couple days later, we found out…

The Call…

Then came the phone call. Through some contacts I have, I got a phone call from the guy who is now going to be a coworker and supervisor. Real Life Church in beautiful Southern California. Hmmm…. We haven’t told many people this besides our family. But we live in the Indianapolis area and have always lived in the midwest. We love the Indy area, but we always said that the only place we would consider relocating is Southern California… Isn’t that weird? I sure think so!

Things started to move really fast. We went through what I like to refer to as “Christian bootcamp.” What a week. There’s words I would use to describe it but I don’t want to offend too many of my readers LOL! But, truthfully, that week was very revealing and helpful despite being difficult. At the end of the assessment, we received their highest recommendation for the job we were considering. Hmmm….

The Wait…

I like to move fast so I wanted to just say “yes” or “no” right away. And through the next month after that assessment, we said “yes” and “no” more often than any other time I remember. One minute, we were going. The next, there was no way we were going. And this was all while waiting for Real Life Church to continue the process. Then, we would move one more notch in their process. Then another. Then another.

The whole time, things really started looking promising. We eventually got to the point we just knew we would accept the job if they offered it. And we trusted God would take care of us.

The Trip…

Then came the final step, a trip to Southern California for final interviews and for us to see this area. I’ll save the time and just say this, WE LOVED IT! The entire time we had our eyes peeled and hearts open to God’s leading. We knew at the end of the weekend they would probably offer a job OR tell us to go home and never come back! Either way we would have our answer.

When we got on that plane to fly home, we had a job offer extended and knew that God was calling us out there. And now it’s all final. We are moving. I will be a Campus Pastor at Real Life Church! What an opportunity. What a blessing. What a scary thing too. We’ve went through so many emotions but it’s really grown us. Our house is pending a sale and things keep lining up.

What’s next…

This has been hard but is stretching us to rely on God. As we were about to make our final decision to go or stay, we remembered that each time we said “yes” to God pulling us out of our comfort, He’s provided and grown our faith. It hasn’t always looked how we thought it would but that’s the beauty of it.

I’m honestly just thankful. I’m thankful God would choose to use my family to further His Kingdom. He’s King and I just want to be His servant. I know there’s going to be hard times and good times but I simply want to be faithful for all of it! The truth is, He uses all of us. No matter where we are, if we stay faithful to Him. For my family, we feel this is the best way to be faithful to God right now. What about you?

Thanks for reading and being a part of this story. I’m still planning on keeping this blog. Glad to be on this journey together!


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