One Decision at a Time

Photo by Burst on Unsplash

“We write our life’s stories ONE decision at a time.” Words I recently read from one of my all time favorite authors, Andy Stanley. It’s really got me thinking at this specific point in my life. Every decision, large and small, writes our life’s story. In the face of big decisions, this is something that puts my mind and heart at ease. I know that every large decision also comes with several smaller ones that make up that larger one. It’s true isn’t it. And guess what, we make those one at a time. In the past, with big decisions, I’ve felt like I needed to have all the micro-decisions decided ahead of time and done. Like, all at once. It straight up stressed me the heck out. I was a mess.

What about you? Below I have 2 observations about these making decisions one at a time. It helps me, I hope it helps you.

Observation 1: It’s also the small decisions

We typically think about the large decisions, or at least I do. But each decision we make each moment of the day is writing our story. And what I’ve found is that often the small decisions have a huge impact on the larger ones. I choose to stay fit through CrossFit. To do that, the small decisions of what I eat and showing up for each workout writes that story in a great way.

As a Dad, when my sweet little girl suddenly turns into a screaming gremlin (said with love of course) I have the decision of how to react. I could yell (done that), be cold towards her (done that), or ignore her (done that). But, what story does that write for her? Not a good one. Instead I choose small decisions to speak positively to her (and to myself which is really needed). I choose to pick her up and snuggle. This is embarrassing, but I never used to do that. I used to think each outburst was a “teachable moment” instead of just loving on her. I’m seeing progress in how she will come to me for comfort now because she’s learning I care. It’s slow but it’s happening, all ONE decision at a time.

Observation 2: We write the story

This is why I have a quill tattooed on my arm. It serves as a constant reminder who’s actually writing my story. Others have tried, and I’ve let them. But I’m reminded that it’s God who’s writing it.

That leads to my next observation = you choose who is writing your story. For me, I get control. And because faith is such a huge part of my life, I choose to put God in the captain’s seat. Our decisions are up to us, and when we allow God to lead, they are great decisions. I can’t stand when I make excuses for the bad decisions that I chose to make.

So the lesson for me is that I’m the one who’s in charge and I get to write my story one decision at a time. How it turns out is up to me. So write it well!

What about you? How have your decisions impacted your life? Will you choose today to start writing better ones?

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