Change Thinking = Change Mind

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

How I think about life determines the outcome of my life. This has never been more true since becoming a father. Like, I always knew that how you think about something is powerful, but now I’m seeing just how powerful. I can choose to think of my infants outbursts like she’s undermining my will to be happy (seems dramatic I know but, for real)… OR, I can take the higher approach. I can choose to think about it like this: she’s growing and learning. Everything is new to her. She only knows how to express herself in sounds (and very loud ones). And, truth is, she doesn’t do that very often.

Now that lesson translates to everything. Right? When I gain control of my thinking and focus, it changes the outcome and often in dramatic ways. So what’s happening in my mind? For years I’ve been really interested in neuroscience. It’s fascinating to see how the mind works. I started digging into the stuff about 5 years ago during a small group at the church I was serving. We were studying how people become addicted to destructive habits and the light bulb came on for me. Finding out how, because of our thinking, we cause our brains to literally re-wire towards destructive tendencies. This results in reacting in destructive ways.

Since that group experience, my life has changed dramatically. My emotional intelligence has gone way up. I wanted to share this brief post to encourage you to change your thinking as well. If you have some sort of toxic thoughts built up in your mind, it’s time to kill them. It’s time to take back control of your mind and win. Let me post some helpful tools I’m using and maybe you find them helpful!

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