A Key to Successful Relationships

A couple months ago I decided to get my wedding ring tattooed onto my finger. I have went through SO MANY rings in just 4.5 years of marriage. I mainly wear the silicone wedding rings that are great for working out which we do a lot of in our household. But I kept tearing them and they would just break down eventually. And I like a certain brand that isn’t cheap and kept throwing money away every few months buying more. I also love getting tattooed so it was a no brainier to finally get it tattooed onto my finger. But what would I get? When I researched there are literally TONS of ideas out there. Which one? That’s when I settled on the design you see here but for very good reasons. I believe that the meaning of my wedding ring tattoo is the key to Sara and I’s relationship. Let me explain.

God 1st: the large ring

I’m a person of faith. I trust and follow Jesus so this one was obvious for me. But I have seen our faith lead to Sara and I’s mutual understanding, love, support, and submission to one another. It’s because our faith, following Jesus, is first even above our marriage. It has to be. It’s what makes our marriage part of something greater. We’ve seen many relationships that make the “chase” or the marriage the goal. This could be why they fizzle out (and many even way before the marriage). But a relationship built upon both people putting God first and His command to love one another makes the marriage thrive. Why? Because both of us are on the same journey and it’s a journey that’s bigger than our relationship.

And who do we think is holding up our relationship? What’s the foundation? It’s God, the creator of love. God, who IS love. God, who’s the proof of love through Jesus. So the large ring on my tattoo symbolizes God, our foundation which is why it’s the first ring.

Me: the 1st small ring

The next ring is the 1st small one, which symbolizes me. Who is holding me up? God! He’s the foundation for both Sara and I. You know, I never used to view relationships this way. When Sara and I started hanging out and then dating very shortly after, I was in a place for the first time where I didn’t depend on the relationship. Too many times before I placed my identity in the relationship. But now I knew that my identity is in being a son of God. I’m glad I didn’t meet Sara before I came to know this because I cannot picture my life without her! It’s my trusting and following Jesus that holds me up. And that allows me to be the best support for Sara!

Sara: the 2nd small ring

And of course, the 2nd small ring is my wife, Sara. She’s also being held up by God being her foundation in life. And I’m right there with her on this journey. Our marriage, we pray, is leveraged to make an impact in the world. We would love for it to be helpful to others who need a model for a functional and healthy relationship. Sara knows her identity isn’t in being my wife, or Callianne’s Mother. It’s in being a child of God. She leads and loves from that identity and it’s powerful. It’s an honor to be her husband. She’s the best support for me because she puts her love of Jesus first.

That’s why I chose the tattoo I now have. It’s a daily reminder of these commitments. First to God, then to one another. And, it won’t rip or tear! So I can workout worry free, which is nice. Anyways, I hope you have a great day and I hope this gives you some encouragement as you navigate relationships as well. Hit subscribe and we’ll see you next time!

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