Lessons from a 7-month old

Callianne is now 7 months big! Wow it seems like it can’t be so. I still remember driving to the hospital not knowing what on earth we were getting ourselves into. And now, in a blur, it’s 7 months later… How?!

One thing I’m learning from this little girl is joy. I must admit, I’ve never paid any attention to other people’s babies. Personally, I was never a fan of babies before. When people asked me to “hold my baby” I was reluctant to say the least. I hope I hid it well but I’m sure I didn’t. But I never noticed such a vast amount of joy as I do in Callianne.

I think some of it is that she knows she’s so loved. Even in the midst of a pandemic, having to keep her a bit sheltered due to people just plain not being safe, she still loves people. Literally anybody can get a smile out of her. Her joy radiates from that huge, gum-laden smile. And I love it! But I think even deeper is that it’s the way God has wired her. She will be a joy bringer to the world. The crazy part is that God chose me as her Daddy. I get to be a part of her and Sara’s story. How did I get so lucky? When I find out I’ll let you know.

My main lesson = JOY

So my main lesson I’m learning from her = JOY. And joy unconditional which is how it’s supposed to be. Unlike me, when she’s in the middle of an all out freakout, she can still smile. I wish I could do that LOL! She’s helping me see what Paul talks about to always have joy. I pray she never loses that.

Maybe we can all take a note from babies. It’s called “child-like” faith for a reason. Not out of foolishness but out of a total trust in our Heavenly Father. Why is this so hard? Well, for one, we let life get in the way. We let our circumstances teach us we cannot trust or that we always must be searching for the next best thing or wait for the hammer to drop. I love that we are called as followers of Jesus to come back to a more child-like faith of just knowing and trusting our God.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on enough. What are some lessons you’re learning from a little kid in your life?

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