I am who you say I am

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I’m sad… That’s really all I can say at the moment. I see these events at our capitol, spurred on by a leader, encouraged by some (thankfully not all) Jesus-followers, and looked upon in horror by the world and it just makes me sad. This is a new year, a new beginning, and it’s time to rise up. But when I say “rise up” I don’t mean hurting people or being disruptive. I mean standing for love. Period.

I think back to some of the movers of our word who changed the culture. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, JESUS, and more. Their method = Peace. Jesus could have wiped out every single person who opposed him in a single breath or thought. Instead, he allowed them to crucify him. I even see comments about “what happened when Jesus overturned tables and chased people out of the temple?” Those comments being shared to advocate for and justify the violence. But, when in those same passages did Jesus ever hurt anyone physically. He didn’t.

Small voices, together, are louder

I keep thinking, “what can my voice add to this noise?” I am nobody, just a follower of Jesus who’s hear is broken like many others at this outburst. What can I add? I know I won’t add to the already negative noise, even though there’s tons of comments I could post. What I will do is say this = we must remember whose we are. This is not our home. BUT we have a job to do. That job is to spread the hope and love of Jesus. Through that, this world becomes a better place.

If each of us would remember whose we are and speak truth in love, our small voices would get louder and louder and drown out the darkness. Darkness falls in the end. What saddens me is that it seems to be taking many people down with it. What saddens me further is that I know I’ve been a part of that darkness. But I must remember whose I am.

I am…

There’s a great song out that has a line that says “I am who you say I am.” I’m listening to it right now as I write. Jesus says so many good things about you and me. We are chosen, not forsaken. Jesus welcomes us, gives us a seat at His table. I will not waste the love that Jesus has for me by making sure my own brokenness and negativity are shared so loudly. What needs to be loud is that I’m a child of God and He’s chasing after all His children.

The victims of yesterday and those spurring on the evil are all children of God. He’s broken-hearted. Let us repent. Let us turn towards Him. Let us not magnify the negative. If you’re a Christian, then go and be a Christian. Don’t wear that identity in vain.

We all have just a small voice amidst the noise. But together, we can be louder than the negative. We can be louder than the evil. Remember this:

A new command I give you, love one another as I have loved you. By this they will know you are mine, if you love one another.”


2 thoughts on “I am who you say I am

  1. Appreciate your words Philip! We all need to show love to others and stand up for Jesus in positive ways that won’t hurt others!


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