We’re Breaking Up

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dear Negativity,

We’re breaking up.

It’s not me, it’s you. Well, it used to be me too until I realized that the only reason I was the way you were is because we had such a close relationship. But I know that’s what you wanted, me to mirror you. You tried to make me into who you wanted me to be instead of letting me be who I really am. Not cool, Negativity. Not cool.

And besides, it’s not just how you treated me but how you treated others. And you went behind my back and started dating others too. Like, so many others! Even people I knew! Even some in my own family! How dare you! As if you didn’t think I would figure out. But I did. I kept seeing some hints in some of my family and friends and it took me by surprise at first. Sadly, many of them are still overcome by your magnetism. They don’t see that you’re a phony, yet. I’ll keep trying to tell them! You can’t have them because I love them and my love for them is self-less unlike yours. You greedy little thing!

You see, my dear Negativity (insert sarcasm here), there’s someone else. She’s not at all like you. She knows the truth. She wants me to be “me.” She’s not tearing apart every little thing. She’s not pessimistic. Do we disagree at times, yes. Some moments aren’t quite so happy with her but the great thing is that she doesn’t hold a grudge and always speaks the truth. She loves and takes delight in the small things, rather than criticize like you. I could go on and on, but fine I’ll just tell you her name already. Her name is JOY. And she’s quite a catch.

I’m sorry this breakup note is so mean, but you’re mean. And you’ve blinded me for so long. And you continue to blind so many of my friends and family. But I’ll get them back! Me and my new relationship with Joy will spread the love that this world needs. I don’t care if you try and stop me. You can try but you’ve made me mad enough that I will stop at nothing to make sure everyone knows about your infidelity and toxicity. So get ready.

Again, it’s not me, it’s you. All you. I know I’ll be seeing you around, mainly because you “get around” with everybody. But me and Joy, we are going to spread the love we both know we are capable of like wildfire. You’re more like a cancer. So, farewell for now. Don’t let me see you. Get away from my friends and family. And go back to where you came from. Peace out.



P.S. Joy is warmer than you. Also, keep all my old stuff, Joy is making me new stuff each day.

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