Power is Lending Strength

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

There’s a concept that is pretty new to me. It makes total sense but it wasn’t until I heard someone explain it to me that I recognized how my view has been skewed for so long. What is true power? And how is power used in a relationship? That’s a pretty big question; especially when I consider I now have a little girl God’s put me and my wife in charge of raising. How should power be used in raising children, marriage, and more. These are all questions I’m wresting with and feel I have more clarity now.

What is power?

Here’s how it was explained to me: True power is when we lend people our strength rather than remind them of their weaknesses. Can someone say, “WOW!” I mean for real! When it comes to our children, they have weaknesses (obvious right???). But what do they need in those moments? Strength! When we are weak, God is strong. So, when those we love are weak, we must be strong!

All of us know our own weaknesses, if we are emotionally aware. Many people aren’t but if you have any inkling of emotional awareness (especially maturity) you will know your weaknesses even if you never publicly admit them. We don’t need constant reminding of our weaknesses. I know that in my marriage, Sara and I could list one another’s weaknesses all day long. My weaknesses are WAY LONGER than hers so she would need more time to list mine. But would that be helpful? Heck no!

What is helpful and liberating is when my wife helps me. When she lends me her strengths to uplift me in my times of weakness. I aim to do that with Callianne. I can start right now! She got her 4-month old shots today and as she was crying I reminded her with my hugs that she’s safe and that she’s strong.

Simple Power

It’s not hard to explain. It IS hard to practice. Our culture is enamored with negative thoughts and make it so easy to elaborate on others’ weaknesses. But I want to refuse. I want to simply remind people of the good that they’re capable of. Will you join me?

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