What’s missing from your Spiritual Journey?

I like to read. I once heard, and ever since live by, this phrase: “The only difference between the leader you are today and the leader you will be tomorrow are the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.” I think that’s true. So, for that reason, I read pretty much every day. I always read God’s Word every day. I also read other books. Some for fun. Some for growing in ministry. Some to grow as a Dad. And still some just for my own journey.

A book I’ve read recently was called “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” and I must say = game changer. Up till now I never thought of my emotional health and my spiritual health as being one in the same. Their actually soulmates if you will. The premise of this great read is that you cannot be spiritually healthy if you aren’t emotionally healthy. I wholeheartedly agree.

My disconnect

For my own journey, it’s painfully obvious. Since becoming a Christ follower in high school I’ve only ever focused solely on spiritual health. You know, memorizing Scripture, praying, going to church, being in community, sharing my faith, etc. All incredible things. But, sad to say, only half of the puzzle. Jesus sets the best example for this as He was also so in touch with His emotions in a healthy and appropriate way.

I never stopped to really consider the effect of my childhood. Apparently there’s a test that rates your trauma as a child and mine is incredibly high. From seeing abuse, being manipulated, to seeing addiction I just pushed these things aside and assumed that I could still be spiritually healthy. What’s the issue with that? Denial. That’s it. Up until recently, I have not worked on my emotional health very much.

It seems selfish to focus on the deep things within when there’s so much work for God to do. Right? But now I know that my work for God will always be 2nd best if I am not dealing with my own emotions and growing into an emotionally healthy adult. It’s so important and sadly, we see very few people growing into that.

Next steps

This is a shorter post. I simply want to raise the awareness of the disconnect. Peter Scazzero does a WAY better job showing how to close the gap between those two. So do yourself a favor! Read the book! The end!

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