Limiting Beliefs

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I’m a new dad as of barely 2 months ago. Since then, a lot of my ambitions have taken on a new flavor. I’m thinking more about the legacy I’m leaving for my family. The ambitions I pursue, I want them to have a lasting impact more than just my personal goals. I don’t know, it’s just changed.

But along with those changes and a refocus on what’s important, there are voices that have never been louder in my life. They are limiting beliefs that I’ve carried and some that I didn’t even know I was carrying. Truthfully, I’m still very new at navigating these. Days like today, they seem louder. Then other days, they are faint. But they’re always there. I think we all have constant limiting beliefs. And I think they are more than capable of being conquered. For me, I’m trying each day to replace them with launching beliefs, which are those “I know” statements that can launch us into something beautiful vs keep us tied down to limitations.

Truth is, the limiting beliefs I have were put there by people I never knew were limiting me. Most of mine stem from a father wounds; from my actual father and an ex-step father. Where do yours stem from?

Turning Limits into Launching Pads

I know we all carry limiting beliefs. The beauty of the freedom I have in Jesus is that I get to choose whether those stay limiting or if they get turned into something that launches me into something profound and beautiful. Even though they’re louder than ever as I navigate being a 1st time Dad, I know that Jesus is whispering the truth in my ear. Here’s the contrast between my own limiting beliefs and the launching ones that are more life giving. Maybe this will help you navigate yours as well.

  • Limiting Belief = You don’t know what you’re doing and you’ll never be good at this | Launching Belief = You don’t know what you’re doing YET, but you will learn from some of the great men and dads around you.
  • Limiting Belief = Your anger will always get the better of you and your family will not be open with you with their struggles | Launching Belief = Your anger can be directed at those things that stand in the way of your family’s joy, rather than your family. It can help clear their path as they go after their own ambitions.
  • Limiting Belief = Your childhood was not what you thought it was and you’ve experienced too much trauma to ever be a successful Daddy | Launching Belief = You get to rewrite the legacy of your family with your wife and daughter right now. And the beauty is, Jesus is holding the pen.

Those are a few of the limiting beliefs I have. The essence of a limiting belief is = you suck! But those launching beliefs say something different. They don’t pull the wool over your eyes so you ignore the issue. Launching beliefs help you move THROUGH the issues and grow from the lessons in life. I’m learning this more and more each day.

I know this was a vulnerable post; but my hope is that it will allow some more people (dad’s especially since we are often closed boxes) to engage with their emotions and be better because of it.

2 thoughts on “Limiting Beliefs

  1. What a great post, Philip, honest and raw. Thank you. I know thats not easy but its so necessary for people to understand that their leaders struggle at times too. LCC sure hit the jackpot when you came to us!


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