Thoughts on Milestones


Milestones are something everyone said to enjoy because they quickly pass when I became a dad. They’re right! They fly by and they’re so precious when they happen. The other day, a new one happened. Callianne lifted her toy dumbbell some dear friends got her. She’s going to outcompete Daddy soon enough! She’s been coming out to the garage gym more often and watching Mommy and Daddy WOD. She can’t wait to get in on the action.

But milestones… from cooing, to smiling, and more. They happen so soon and they keep happening. I love all of them! Each milestone makes me eager for the next. I wonder if God has the same anticipation of us as we reach milestones in our faith journey… I would love to think so. I think it brings him great joy when we reach the milestones He has for us.

Life Milestones

What about our life’s milestones? When we achieve a great ambition, a small ambition, meet someone we marry, go through a trial that shapes us, huge transitions, and more. In life we all reach milestones that shape us. We should celebrate those. And if they’re hard milestones, learn from them. I don’t know; thinking about Callie’s milestones has me thinking about the one’s we go through in life. And I feel the same way about those as I do hers = I don’t want to miss them! I want to be present in them

Career Milestones

This one for me is within the last couple years. I was in youth ministry for 5 years and looking for a way to move into a more executive type role. Then it happened. And I love it. I sense that God’s got more milestones coming but I don’t know what that looks like. But it causes me to embrace the now and see what He has in store. I trust Him. Career milestones can be exciting, especially if I take the time to enjoy the moment. Honestly, I have a hard time with this. But I’m learning.

Embracing Milestones

I’m learning to embrace all the milestones. It’s crazy the things you learn just from being “Daddy.” I’m looking forward to many more lessons and many more milestones. Thanks for reading this and feel free to pass it along!

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