Anticipatory Living

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Anticipation. What have you lived in anticipation for? Myself, on a personal note, have several things I’ve lived in great anticipation for:

  1. Getting married.
  2. Going into ministry.
  3. Having a child.
  4. Competing in CrossFit.
  5. Graduating College.
  6. The end of quarantine.

And more but you aren’t reading this to see my huge list. What about you? What has caused you great anticipation and excitement that you look towards, or have looked towards?

Anticipatory Mindset

What if we lived each day as if God was just around every corner showing us some sort of miracle? Whether it’s in our own life or the lives of other people. What if we just went on the lookout, in great anticipation, for God’s goodness and the way He works in the lives of people? How would our lives look different?

I’ll tell you how mine would look different… I would quit spending time during amazing moments just waiting and wondering when the hammer will drop and it’ll be taken away. I would quit feeling like I have to always defend myself. I would continue to refuse to join the mindless debates in our culture and focus on loving others.

I see far too many followers of Jesus adding to the endless noise of opinion and fueling the fire. When will we just let it go and go on the lookout for God’s miracles in ours’ and others’ lives instead of proof for our point of view? But I digress.

I’m a naturally defensive person. The issue with that is I can use it as an excuse to attack others and justify my actions. I can also view it as a source of pride. Both are wrong of me to do. But when my mindset shifts to seeking out the miracles God’s doing for me and others, boy does the world look different.

Be on the lookout!

But to effectively to that, I have got to me looking. And when I spend so much time adding to the noise, I miss it. There’s no more room to look for the miracles. Lately, when I’ve slowed down I’ve been able to see them clearly. Here’s some I’m seeing.

  • My daughter. After a battle with infertility, were told it didn’t work, but it did! Now I get to hold her anytime I can and I never thought it would happen.
  • My wife. Lately I’ve watched God ignite ambitions inside her and I’m seeing the boldness in her to pursue them. I think of the miracle our daughter has to have a strong and passionate Momma who’s going after her dreams.
  • Students I used to minister to. There’s been some tag me in their stories on Facebook of how God’s showed Himself to them and how their lives have changed because of God’s leading. It’s a miracle I was ever able to be a small part of their story.
  • The resolve of humanity. All the signs that say “in this together” ignites for unity and they are put there by companies who don’t actively profess to follow Jesus. Yet, this is what Jesus teaches. It’s a miracle that “loving others well” is being encouraged by all. Even amidst the negative noise.
  • Pizza. Hey, these all don’t have to be spiritual or serious! It’s a miracle that our family can grab a pizza anytime from so many delicious pizza joints. Pizza is a miracle because it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood.

The list could be long but instead of reading mine, maybe you should begin to make yours! What are the ways God’s shown miracles in and around you? Maybe you’ll be like me and when you start to live with than anticipation that He’s going to show you another miracle around each corner the negativity and need to have your point of view aired suddenly dissipates. I feel lighter. I feel more focused. And I feel more happy and joyful!

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