What Saved My Life As A New Dad…

Before Callianne was born, I had many thoughts, as anyone would. My main anxiety was easy and I could tell you instantly = sleep! It’s not even that I need a lot of it. I never take naps, get up early, and stay up late… But for some reason the idea of losing tons of sleep gave me nervous diarrhea (probably was just the buffalo chicken sandwich I ate that one time… TMI!).

I think what made that my main anxiety was what I read in some of the books I tried to brush up on before her arrival. They called it the “Zombie Stage” and the sheer thought of it terrified me, and I even like zombie movies.

The Wife to The Rescue

As with I’m sure any newborn, the first couple weeks are a blur. You are trying to figure each other out and just survive and keep them alive. Then one day my wife changed my life (she’s done that numerous times). She told me “Callie is going on a schedule 1st thing tomorrow.” In my mind I thought, “there’s no way that crazy girl can be ‘scheduled.’” BOY WAS I WRONG and thank you Jesus that I was.

Within 2 days Sara had this girl sleeping like clockwork each time the schedule told us to. And eating as well. It didn’t cut down on crying (if there is such a magic potion I’ll sell my liver for it) but it made a world of difference. It was like we suddenly had a life again!

The Test

The ultimate test came from Callianne’s first road trip to my in-laws this past weekend. They have a lake house and we love being on the water. Naturally, we want to introduce Callie to water and boat rides so it’s pleasant for all of us. But I had this thought in my mind that her schedule would be impossible to keep. Again, I was wrong (seems to be a common theme lately).

We didn’t neglect going on the boat. If it was her nap time, we swaddled her and let her sleep on the boat. We stuck as close as we could to her schedule and IT WORKED! She slept great each night and although her Grandpa woke her up the first morning (which caused me to almost go into psycho dad mode), it went pretty smooth. You can see from the pictures below, we had a great time!

Ahhh, the bliss of Grandma’s arms

Making Memories

Putting our newborn on a schedule is the best decision we ever made. I have seen too many parents who allow their kids to dictate their schedule and I thought this was going to be our life too. Thank God for my wife who saved us from that. If I’ve learned anything it’s that: newborns CAN be put on a schedule, sleep DOES still happen, Daddy is USUALLY wrong, and when family is around it’s important to LET GO AND LET GRANDMA!

And since we didn’t have to worry about her getting enough sleep or eating due to her schedule, we were able to make memories like this:

Didn’t know this was being taken but such an awesome shot!

Staring today, she starts her 2 month old schedule. Already she’s doing great with it. The thing that’s great about her new routine, she gets to hang out with Daddy the most in the mornings since she starts earlier! Boom.

P.S. if you want to know what book Sara found the schedules in, here it is.

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