Decluttering Life

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Hey everyone! Thanks for reading this blog post and being a part of this ambition. I enjoy blogging, and recently vlogging on life’s journey. If this is your first time reading my blog, I work as an associate minister in Indiana around the Indy area. I love what I get to do. I’m also a person who’s got a LOT of ambitions. Maybe you can relate, but sometimes I get overwhelmed at my ambitions and what to chase.

My internal wiring

Part of the reason (maybe the biggest part) is that I’m an Enneagram 8 = The Challenger. I also have a wing 7 = The Enthusiast. In a nutshell, I’m highly energetic and I like “excess.” Liking excess just might be the problem. Why? Because I can (and have) chased too much! I’ve had far too many ambitions. Now, having a lot of ambitions is great. In my opinion, it keeps people interesting. But my issue is that I want to chase all of the to the fullest extent AT THE SAME TIME. Can you relate?

AND, and this is hard to admit; I’ve found myself chasing the “wrong” ambitions. The wrong excess. Anything from “things” to ambitions that in now way play into who I am (like a singer/performer, although that sounds awesome). The goal for me is to narrow down those ambitions and find the ones that fit into what I actually want my life to be about. I don’t want to just ambitions that distract from my mission in life = to be a disciple of Jesus.

Not all excess is bad

Someone I learn a lot from when it comes to chasing excess (though I don’t think he was an Enneagram 8) is Paul, from the New Testament. That guy had some ambitions! Like, for real! But all his ambitions were in line with his life’s mission = to spread the Gospel of Jesus to the Gentiles. The world was his limit. And he went for it. He must have done something right for us to still be reading his words and studying his journeys thousands of years later. I know he wanted to reach Gentiles. Maybe he also had the ambition to see a lot more of his world. Who knows… But all his ambitions aligned with what he wanted his life to be marked by.

For me, I know I need to be choosy. I need to be choosy about what I pursue when it comes to my ambitions. I must make sure they line up with my true north = Jesus and the mission he has in store for me. Whether it’s competing in CrossFit, doing something big in ministry, speaking more, being a great husband/father, whatever. It all will flow out of a desire to reflect the ONE I serve, Jesus. And with the mission to share the hope I have in Him.

Offloading Process

I think there’s times in our lives, and quite often, where we need to offload something. Bob Goff, famous speaker and best-selling author, says he quits something every Thursday. And they aren’t all bad things; just things that get in the way of the best things. I don’t like the word “quit” but what if that word can become one of the most holy things we do as a disciple of Jesus? Quit something that gets in the way of the best things.

Maybe if we offload the unnecessary and even some of the good, it will clear the space needed to take on the best. Then, if we take on God’s best for our lives, we will discover and pursue our most life-giving ambitions. That’s my hope for my life. And for yours as well.

Comment below on what you need to offload. And, if you want to watch my vlog on this, head over to my channel to find it! You can find my YouTube channel HERE.

2 thoughts on “Decluttering Life

  1. Philip, this might be my favorite post yet. . . probably because I can relate to it so much! Thanks for speaking into our hearts and serving the King so well!


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