Am I Ready?

Photo taken by my amazing mother in law: Kim

At the time of writing this, we will be induced to have our baby girl tomorrow morning. A common question we keep getting asked, and rightly so, is “Are you ready?”

This question can evoke arrogance (of course I’m ready) or cowardice (I have no idea and not sure what I got myself into). But I believe the truth is rarely found in the extremes. Rather, I think there’s a happy middle.

Truth is, I don’t know if I’m ready. Why? Because I’ve never experienced this before. And I believe you can’t be 100% ready for something you’ve never experienced. BUT, you can prepare! Prepare being the key word.

Preparation: the happy middle

I think preparation is different than “being ready.” Preparing the best you can for a huge, life-altering event is wise. For me, it involves reading books and confiding in a few trusted people. Many offer opinions, we as a culture are great at that. But a very select few offer encouragement and will patiently wait to offer their thoughts.

For me, preparing is doing what I can to be as “ready” as possible for something I’ve never before experienced. It takes discipline and a curious heart. It’s not being lazy and just “figuring it out along the way.” It’s proactive due diligence.

Preparing also leaves room for learning. If you’re “ready” then you assume you know all there is to know. That’s folly. But if you’re prepared it leaves room for the welcomed advice or help of others (rarely the unsolicited advice people are good at giving). Being prepared requires a willing humility from us.

Truthfully, it’s hard for me to admit I’m not “ready.” I like control and I know my entire world is about to be rocked when we welcome this sweet girl into the world tomorrow. And, if she’s at all like her daddy, she’ll not want to be controlled either. But losing my death grip on control is a step forward in my faith walk with Jesus. I know there will be lots to learn and it never stops. But I welcome it all!

Choosing prepared

So, should you ask, NO I’m not ready. But I’m getting as prepared as I possibly can be! And I have a secret weapon: the Holy Spirit. He will guide and direct my and Sara’s steps, pending we submit to His leading.

How are you allowing yourself to prepare for things you’ve never experienced?

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