My Nutrition Journey

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That title is a bit misleading because it assumes I’m “done” with that journey. BUT, please rest assured that’s not what’s meant by it. This is indeed a journey I’m still on. And, finally, able to nail down direction with my nutrition. But to catch us up, it’s important to show you where I’ve come from regarding eating. Because, like you, I LOVE food!

No Guidance Growing Up

My family has never been really “nutrition” conscious. We are on a strict “see-food” diet = see food, eat food, if food is good, eat more of it. And that was about it. Eat what tastes the best and don’t worry about tracking anything. Tracking stuff is what weirdos do who starve themselves… So, that’s where I came from.

Guessing My Way

Sometime into my first “big boy” job I decided to stop binge eating Oreos, especially since my roommate was working out in front of me each day while I sat there and watched “Friends” with a gallon of milk and carton of Oreos. All after cooking a HUGE steak of course. So I started working out with him and slowly weaning myself off the bad foods… Sort of… I really like sweets.

CrossFit and Nutrition

There’s not enough time to take us through the whole story and it probably looks like yours too, so it would sound familiar anyways. Finally I started CrossFit about a year ago. It wasn’t very long into it that I realized you have got to fuel your body to perform that intense all the time. With the help of some good friends, some amazing resources, and my wife’s awesome and healthy cooking, we are now on a more sustainable, fun, and learning experience. It’s one I want to extend the invite to you also.

I Learned To Count

I started counting my Macros = fats, proteins, and carbs. And that’s the journey I want to challenge you to do as well. To be mindful about what you’re consuming and viewing it as fuel “also.” Not only fuel where you don’t enjoy it, but fuel as well as something to enjoy with moderation.

So many of us want to see results and we hit the gym and burn 600 calories over a couple hours. But is that the best approach? And even more = is that sustainable? And we then limit ourselves to hardly any carbs. Again, not a good approach. When you workout that hard, your body desperately needs carbs for fuel. Or we go to “only protein, more protein” which is not good either. We do the same with the 3rd macro = fat. We tell ourselves fat is bad. Those are all extremes. The truth is rarely found in the extremes!

Moving Forward

I think a lot of us give up on nutrition when it gets hard. But measuring food and using it to fuel your body is what it takes. Discipline is essential. And you can enjoy food even more when you use it to fuel your body! My first step that got me actually taking action was buying a food scale and start measuring my macros.

I’m still just starting this journey. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty hard. When the hunger sets in because my body is burning more calories than I’m consuming I start to, like Ron Swanson, regret everything! But I know it’s worth it. And the support my wife and friends are showing me has been able to keep me motivated. I just decided I was going to quit making excuses and get serious about it. And now that I’ve blogged about it, there’s no going back lol! Hold me accountable!

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