No Time To Wait!

Photo by Sam Pearce-Warrilow on Unsplash

I’m not good with waiting… Just ask anyone, seriously. Often that gets me into trouble. Like asking out my wife on our first date, telling her it’s a group date, before I even asked anybody else to go… Then, asking her on the second date before we even went on that one… Not quite sure what she was thinking saying “yes.” But I’m glad she did.

You know what else we constantly wait on? The voice of God. When it comes to wanting to know the will of God, we often wait. But sometimes we wait as an excuse or just a plain failure to launch. We sometimes wait forever to hear very specifically what God wants us to do and we end up doing nothing. Like we’re afraid to let Him down. But what if He wants us to move?

If we know something benefits the Kingdom of God, and we do it, what is there to lose? Maybe we focus on waiting for the voice of God to show us a course correction instead of showing us a very detailed and drawn out plan. Typically, in my life, God doesn’t like to show drawn up plans. He kind of likes us to proactively depend on Him.

Recently, I read this line: “You don’t have to wait for permission to do something that benefits the Kingdom of God and the spreading of the Good News.” It struck a chord within me. Paul, in the New Testament, had plans but he didn’t always wait on the voice of God to distinctly direct him. Often, he received his directions and corrections on the field. This is what I see as living with a sense of urgency.

Let us not use the excuse of waiting for divine direction that we miss a divine-appointed time to make a difference. If we know God and are near to Him, He will direct our path. Even if there’s many decisions on the table, there may very well not be a “single decision” that He wants you to choose. Why? Because any of them could benefit His Kingdom.

What gives me clarity and peace of mind is knowing God is big enough to use me in whatever circumstance and decision I make, if I’m in tune to His voice. And if I start something that doesn’t follow a good direction for my life, God has a pretty good way of making it stop, even if I resist (and I resist A LOT being an Enneagram 8).

If you find yourself in a season of complacency and waiting; maybe taking a step towards eternal impact is a great thing to put on your agenda for today! Then, chart the next step!

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