Growth Mindset

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I’ve been trying CrossFit for about a year now. The past 5 months since building our home CrossFit gym, it’s been 6 days a week. The reason I tell you that is because it’s allowed me to practice the Growth Mindset; something my wife helps kids do on a daily basis. Well, I’m also becoming a student of the Growth Mindset. It looks like this in my CrossFit training.

  • Limiting Mindset = Ugh! I can’t do a muscle up!
  • Growth Mindset = I can’t do a muscle up! YET! But I will work to improve little by little until I can. It will happen soon!

It’s not about talent; it’s about ones mindset and ability to grow from failure. I started using this mindset for CrossFit but it’s quickly crossing over into all other areas of my life. Here’s how it looks in other areas of life as a human being:

  • Limiting Mindset = It will always be this way and we never communicate well.
  • Growth Mindset = We are not seeing eye to eye right now but we will take one step towards reconciliation and understanding. Then, we’ll keep making improvements and celebrate them along the way.
  • Limiting Mindset = I’m not doing exactly what I want to do and it’s frustrating. Oh well, I’ll never get there.
  • Growth Mindset = I’m not doing exactly what I want to do and it’s frustrating BUT I have much to learn and will continue to be a student. I know one day an opportunity may open up.

Do you see how it works? It’s not denying where you’re at or the hurt/pain you feel. It’s acknowledging it and then moving THROUGH it with a positive and growth mindset attitude. Sometimes we limit what we’re capable of (and what God wants to do through us) with a limiting mindset. And sometimes we are just plain lazy to not want to do the work it takes to think in an empowering way. Because we like it “right now” we’ve succeeded at becoming lazy minded.

A College Story

I saw this kind of thing play out big time when I was in college. I went to a Christian University to study preaching and church leadership. My family wasn’t really into going to church and I started to know Jesus in high school. Needless to say, I didn’t grow up in church and didn’t really know the “basics.”

Sitting in class my very first day of Bible College it became ever clear that I was behind. The limiting mindset started to creep in. Though I didn’t know what it was called then, I remember having a conversation with myself that went something like this: “stop being a baby and just do the best you can! You don’t know anything, yes, but you’re at a place that will teach you! So get with it Davis!” Chalk that up to my Enneagram 8 personality of telling it like it is LOL!

I still struggle between the 2 mindsets and I’m sure a lot of people do as well. It’s easy to make excuses and just say “I can’t.” But I’m learning to say “I can’t… YET! BUT, I will soon!” It’s so empowering. I have a long way to go but am committed to the journey. I don’t want my soon to be born daughter to remember Daddy as having a lazy mind and no will power to tackle the tough things in life. I want her to have a Growth Mindset. So, I’ve got to set the example. My wife is amazing at this and helps kids do it regularly. Now, I’m becoming a student as well.

In Summary

Next time you’re tempted to think you don’t have what it takes, learn from the mistake. Natural ability pales in comparison to skills learned through trial and error. Those are the lessons that stick with us the longest and that we learn to appreciate all the more. Welcome the failure as an opportunity to learn. If we can get this Growth Mindset thing down, we can teach it to the next generation. Imagine a world where the youth are empowered to learn from their mistakes instead of beat themselves up over them… What a world! Let’s start forming it right now. It starts with YOU!

WATCH THIS VIDEO if you want to see my vlog on this exact topic. Find it HERE

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