Following the Right Person

Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash

All of us follow someone. Even if we don’t like that fact, it’s true. For some, they’re a pleasure to follow. Yet, for others, it’s draining to follow. Whether or not we are joyfully following or stuck following someone, we must remember to follow the “right” someone first. Then, all other things are weighed against that. The right someone I follow first before anyone else = Jesus. This blog post will simply be why following Him first has set my life on track.

I was reading Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians last week and something jumped out on the page to me. Paul was breaking down things we hold up highly. Paul really simplified things by making Christ the center then everything else molds along with that. You have to be sure you’re following the right person. For the disciple of Jesus, He’s the only one to follow. He’s the only one who wont let you down.

People do let you down. On a personal level, I remember in the past few years someone very close to me that wounded me greatly. We don’t have to go into all the details because that’s not the point of this post. But, what we can do is talk about how following Jesus first made all the difference.

When that relationship began to crumble and I took to trying all I could to keep it together, I noticed something… When I quit following Jesus first, all my efforts were in vain. Why? Because I was trying to prove I was who “they” wanted me to be… That’s not good because I need to focus on who Jesus actually knows I am! And I can rest assured that when I follow Him first that He writes my story, not anybody else.

Truth is, we cannot control who we follow. That’s why following Jesus first is such a rich and full life. We cannot control Him and we don’t need to; He knows what’s best and will always provide for you. Through the years of this particular relationship falling out, I have gained for the first time a distinct identity and purpose because of WHO I follow. He’s my rock, He’s my hope, He writes my story and it’s beautiful.

Follow someone who knows the story you should write, not someone who wants to write their story onto yours.

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