GUEST POST: Pam Richardson

A custom plate in Pam’s kitchen. You might see why we get along 😉

Who is she?

Pam is one of these people my wife and I bonded with immediately after we moved to this church to serve. The Richardson family has become our adopted family. We find ourselves visiting them each week and even call each other family in everyday conversation.

Pam is a spiritual leader to many, many people. She’s helped a LOT of folks through some tough times and her family has been through some severe storms themselves. Yet, her passion and zeal for Jesus is more alive than ever. She’s a walking testimony of a dedication to Jesus. That’s why I wanted her to share some of her heart with us here. Enjoy, it will encourage you and challenge you!

Pam’s Thoughts:

During this unprecedented time of quarantine, or stay at home order, or whatever you’d like to call it, I believe we have all been given a great gift. It is a blank slate upon which we can begin to reevaluate our lives. And now that we have all had time to sit back and take a collective sigh, let me ask you this–

What do you think God wants most from you? Take a minute to answer that in your own mind. Is it obedience? Is it service? Is it giving generously? Is it going to church and reading the Bible?

Jesus says in Luke 10 that the greatest commandment of all is that I love Him with all my heart, my soul, my mind and my strength. And that I love others. That sums it up. But what does that mean? What does that look like in my everyday life?

To love Him with my HEART, means in my emotions, my speech, how I talk with others and even with myself. Am I negative? Complaining? Self-absorbed? Do I lose heart and give up easily? Do I look for the good, not only in situations but in people? Do I look for God in the midst of heartache and trauma? What do I really think about these things? Do I believe that God is who He says He is and that He can do what He says he can do? And does that show in my actions and reactions?

How do I love God in my SOUL? My soul is my inner man, my character. Am I spending time in His Word, and letting that word change how I think.? Do you take as much time to make your inner self as attractive as you do the outer? Do you pray? Ask His advice? Seek His guidance? Or do you forge ahead into every day believing that “you got this”?

What about my STRENGTH? How do I love God with my strength? What do I do each day? What am I capable of? Am I helping others? Taking care of my family? Teaching my children? How about basic things like balancing my checkbook and cleaning my house? These are all ways that we can worship and love God and honor Him for the privileges and the blessings that He has given us.

And finally, my MIND. How do I love God with my mind? What am I thinking about? What am I allowing in? When doubts and negative thoughts creep in, do I nurse them and allow them to stay, or do I immediately confront them with God‘s truth and kick them out? Do you worry and fear the worst? Our minds are so important. This is where the enemy wages war, and it could be a blog post all by itself. For now, I just want to remind you to be conscious, and aware of what you are thinking about. You get to decide what thoughts stay and what thoughts have to go. Thoughts will often lead to actions so be proactive and alert in this area and tell those thoughts “you are not the boss of me!“

Am I loving God in these ways? Are you? Now is the perfect time to take stock and evaluate. Everything will be opening back up soon and life will return to its normal pace. Or will it?

I want to be choosy about what I allow back into my life. One thing I have learned, is that if I want to get back to what really matters, I have to start cutting away everything that doesn’t.

As so many things have been taken out of our lives, we get to decide exactly what we’re going to let back in. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought… and I’m going to start right at Luke 10:27, loving God intentionally.

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