How to cope with change…

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

It’s obvious we are all adapting and coping with the drastic changes around us. It’s constant. My wife and I were talking about all the change and she actually had 3 great thoughts when it comes to change. I wrote them down to elaborate on now. Here’s 3 ways we can cope with this change during the Covid-19 season.

1. Remembering it’s temporary

This isn’t the case with every change, but with Covid-19, it’s only a season. Isolation will be lifted and things can return to normal. And hopefully we see a resurgence of some deeper conversations among people. But in these times of temporary change, just remember it’s all temporary! And even when change is permanent, the adjustment to that change is only temporary!

2. Leaning on other’s strengths

Finding those people who are strong during this time is key. Sometimes I’ll be stir crazy and down in the dumps because we can’t go sit on my favorite restaurant’s porch. That’s when my wife’s strengths come in of planning some spontaneous things for us to do that are still fun. Likewise, when she feel anxious about the latest Covid-19 stats I can use my optimistic and planning strengths to reassure her we’ll be ok and to look at the good. Whoever you have in your life, lean on their strengths. Likewise, lend your strength to others who need it!

3. Remembering the constants

This one is always a go-to for me! Here’s my constants: God is ALWAYS still good, there’s still people who love me, and I’m worth more than what I can accomplish or do. What are yours? If you can’t think of any, take out a napkin right now or jot them down on your phone! Go ahead, I’ll wait! We must always remember the constants in life. So name yours and revisit, often!

There’s 3 to help you. All of us are capable of coping with change. Be encouraged during this season and go be an encouragement to someone else!

2 thoughts on “How to cope with change…

  1. Perception is everything! Don’t let a negative way of looking at things determine your baseline for all situations. It is so inspiring to see you two lending yourselves to each other as well as those in the community. Thank you. YOU BOTH ROCK!!!

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