A new kind of social…

You would think that being quarantined would drive us deeper into our phone, iPad and television screens due to a lack of being able to be as social as we like to be in the Davis household. But it’s actually having the opposite effect. Don’t get me wrong, we can be REALLY bored here at home, but this boredom is starting to be a gift instead of a curse. Could it be the same for you?

Makes me wonder if we will see a new era once Covid-19 is done. A new era of a renewed desire and appreciation for face to face fellowship with other humans. Think about this, and maybe I’m just being optimistic, but who cares because we need that right now.

So before all this pandemic stuff, people loved being social but a lot of it was online. How many times have you seen a couple/family out to dinner and they’re all on screens? Maybe you are that person… uh oh lol

My hope: My hope is that we will see a renewal of the “live and in person” kind of social. Where people love being around one another in person. I wonder if we will see less phones out on the table? Or less binge watching Netflix to neglect to engage another human in conversation?

Sara and I had a realization last week when we felt drained and numb. Realizing we had spent SO MUCH TIME on our screens we decided to make a change. What amazing conversation has happened since. Heck we even leave our phones in other rooms (is that humanly possible?!?!)! We are reading more, watching tv less. And, the most important is we are talking more! I can’t remember laughing this much or having so many deep conversations. We are a funny couple who loves to chat about important things together but it’s a new caliber during quarantine. And we’re loving it! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m even starting to enjoy games… Feels gross saying that and typing that but it’s true. I always hated games because I think they’re a waste of time. But that’s like all there is to do right now! So, truthfully, I’m kind of digging them.

What about you? How will quarantine change the way you engage other humans? I’m already making a list in my head of all the restaurants we are going to dine at. And you know what, I’m gonna learn something about EVERY waiter/waitress. What a time to be alive. Scary, yes. But I’m sensing a renewal of our social habits on the horizon.

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