A New Ambition

Being in quarantine has made all of us get pretty creative in a hurry on how we engage people. One way it’s impacted me is to start a video blog as well, called a “vlog” to partner with my blog on here. I like to write about fitness but often it’s a lot easier to talk about those in more of a video format, so you can see examples. And as I’m learning how to better engage people digitally, I formed a new ambition to help people get fit, and laugh a lot, on YouTube! I want everyone to see that they can get fit, even if they don’t have “gym” equipment! And for those learning CrossFit like me, I want to show them my journey in hopes it can encourage them as we grow together.

As you’re stuck at home like me, it can be a time to hit our eating and fitness goals. And it can be a time to laugh and be creative! I encourage all of you who read my blog to keep praying, learning, and growing! We will get through this together. I’m keeping my heart and mind open to God’s leading and that’s where the idea for a YouTube channel came in. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a link to my first vlog post below. This is just a start but I’m going to do a lot more of these with some more instruction, especially during quarantine. If you guys want to go to my YouTube channel and hit “subscribe” that would be amazing! Another blog post coming here soon, as well as another “vlog” video.

Power and squat clean video

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