Weekly Reflection

What a time to be alive. This is the stuff that movies are made about and now we’re living it. What a time. While it’s easy to be scared and easy to let our minds wonder, it’s also an easy time to be still and reflect. Reflect not just on what Covid 19 means for our world but on something greater. How will the church shine through in this time? How will we live out the “one another’s” that Jesus showed us? How will we stand up to fear and declare, “you’re not the boss of me!”

For me and my job this week, I feel like I finally hit my groove with what I need to do. I’m not the most creative person when it comes to digital content but this is forcing all of us to adapt. That being said, I am working on my “GoPro video skills” in hopes to engage people in a more meaningful way. I guess that’s what “forced creativity” does.

How about you? We are being told to not even be social but stay home completely. Only go out if we need to. I think that’s wise to heed our leaders’ advice and be smart about all this. But how will relationships thrive if we can’t see one another? The same way they did in the early church…

When Paul wrote to the Philippians, it had been a long time since he had seen them. He couldn’t see them because he was in prison. Yet, through the written word (the only other option in that day) he keeps their relationship strong. No doubt he remembered them often.

“I thank my God every time I remember you.”

Paul in Philippians

We can maintain our relationships with one another through all the means we have in our modern era, besides in person. Think of how much sweeter face to face contact will be after this is over? Perhaps we will see a new era of less texting and more sitting on each other’s front porch or in living rooms. That’s at least what I’m hoping for… How about you?

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