Fear Not!

Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

All of us were taken by surprise as the rate in which Covid-19 is spreading. Before we jump in today, here’s the main reason for this blog post = This did NOT surprise God! Scary, yes. Overwhelming, yes. BUT, this in no way surprised God.

How to view the virus…

Let’s not downplay the fact that this virus is serious and spreading fast. But here’s the great news, some great ways to prevent you catching this thing is: wash your hands, sanitize, and trust our leaders’ guidance because they’re on it.

But, beyond that, “fear not!” Taking precautions is of course great but don’t live in fear. What happens when we live in constant fear? Shelves at our stores run out of supplies because we hoard as much as we can and don’t leave anything for those who need it as well. Stress builds and tensions arise in households. Compassion for our fellow man begins to crumble because we’re more concerned about them being “infected” than loving them. The list could go on. God’s people are called to not live in fear but in constant reassurance of His goodness.

God is still on the throne, He’s not shaken by a virus.

Supporting your church’s decision to cancel services…

This last bit I feel the urge to post as well. Many churches are deciding the cancel their services. While you may have mixed emotions about that, you must realize something. In our state, Indiana, our governor has put a restriction on gatherings of more than 250 people. Christians are called to support and submit to their governing authorities so that’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s not giving in to the “hype” or being cowardly and not trusting God. It’s trusting our nation’s leaders as we are commanded to do.

So, please, if your church decides to get creative and not have services but to do some other things while this virus is running its course, just be supportive! The Church is far bigger than a gathering inside a building! Let’s prove that. And remember: FEAR NOT!

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