Break Your Own Records

Since beginning this ambition to compete in CrossFit, I have started competing with my most formidable opponent = myself. Since I’m still so new at this, battling my own “PR’s” is my best shot at getting better. “PR” stands for “personal record.” And over the past several weeks I have broken several of my own. From benching over 200 pounds multiple times to finally doing hand stand push ups (HSPU), though that last one was not so pretty… But I did it nonetheless.

As I write this I’m getting ready to go out in the garage box again and work on some more Olympic lifts to try and break more PR’s. Each time we compete against ourselves we get better and better. It also helps us narrow our focus on the little things we can do to improve.

As you look at the rest of 2020 and revisit your annual goals each week (which I would recommend doing), what are your “PR’s” that you want to break this year? Is it to lift more, sell more, outperform last years stats? Or are they more relational (or a mix of both) where you want to surprise your wife with more gifts (one of mine) or take on mentoring 3-4 other people?

Getting started

If you’re like me, when I want to start something big I focus on those who have already started and compare. Here’s what I’ll tell you from experience = when you compare, you lose. Instead, start where you are and take a better step forward than you did the day before. Even if it takes a long time, keep breaking your past records. What I’m hoping is that the more of my own records I break, the more I’ll start to actually be competitive in CrossFit with others. But my goals are not just fitness goals… I want to “PR” in all areas of life this year. What are some of yours?

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