Does Legacy Matter?

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

Does your legacy really matter? Your gut instinct answer is no doubt = yes. Most people understand that our legacy matters deeply and we want to leave something meaningful behind. Whether it’s in life, our old job, in our children’s life before they leave the house, etc.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my legacy. Today we had a lead team meeting where we were celebrating some of our staff who have been in ministry for over a decade (and some multiple decades)! Wow! What legacies they are leaving. I’m not even a full decade into full time ministry and I’m thinking about what my legacy will be in ministry, life, and more.

Does it really matter?

So does it really matter? Yes! If you have your “envisioned legacy” out in front of you that will dictate every decision you ever make. Do you ever feel like you’re busy but aren’t moving towards your goals you think matter? It might be because you don’t allow the legacy you want to leave to dictate your schedule. And that is why legacy matters in today’s post! Some of us have never sat down and thought about the different areas of our lives that we want to leave a legacy, let alone what that legacy will be. But if you can put in the work of making that a priority and looking at it often, you will gain some laser-focus like you’ve never had before.

So what next?

This begs the question, how do we start letting our legacy dictate our decisions? That’s a great question. And for starters, you have to know what you want your legacy to be. Here’s what I did, maybe it’ll be a help to you as you figure this out.

This is in no way “the only way” to discern your legacy but it really helped me gain clarity. I took an entire day, a paid day at work, and retreated to a coffee shop I like. I prayed and journaled for clarity before I even began. Then, I wrote down the main focus areas of my life (like relationships, vocation, faith, fitness, and more).

My next step is where the power and focus came. I wrote down my “Envisioned Future” which is what I hope to leave behind in these areas. Now, each decision I make, I weigh it against my “envisioned future” in each of my focus areas. And if something pressing on my time isn’t even in any of my focus areas, I let it go (a key to being un-busy).

Take the Legacy Challenge!

I would encourage you to put a date in the calendar to retreat and write each area of your life where you’re leaving a legacy. It doesn’t have to be an entire day; just devote as much time as you can. Then, write your envisioned future. But there’s ONE MORE thing you must do = revisit your envisioned future regularly. For me, it’s part of my every day morning ritual. So, take the challenge and start with your most obvious areas in life and begin laser-focusing that legacy!

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