Be Lovingly Curious

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

This weekend is the “lover’s holiday.” Friday may bring a lot of joy and excitement for some. For others it could be like the Office episode where they hold an “anti-valentines” party and talk about all their horrible past relationships. Wherever you fall, this is NOT a post about Valentines Day. It just happens to go along with the theme of “love” so it fits this week’s holiday, but in a good way! Read on!

An undeniable best quality = Curiosity

An undeniable best quality in anybody, no matter where you’re at in life or what you do is = curiosity. Great leaders and great people are curious people. But curious about what, you ask? About other people! Great human beings are lovingly curious about other people.

Recently I had the privilege of leading a talk on the Enneagram to a group of small group leaders at a friend’s church. I loved that opportunity. We talked a lot about the Enneagram that night with the overarching theme being = be lovingly curious about other people! Because that’s what great human beings do. Great people are curious to discover more than just surface level of those around us; they go deeper.

Are you Curious?

Would you consider yourself a curious person? Do you love those around you by moving focus off of yourself and seeking to understand them? Do you come into a conflict or hard conversation with your main motive being an understanding of that other party’s view?

To know how self-aware you actually are, all you need to do is see how curious you are about other people. This weekend, ask a question of somebody you haven’t yet that goes beyond “how are you” and “what’s new.” Go to that 3rd question that reveals what they’re passionate about and reveals who they actually are. This sounds easy but you’ll be surprised at how hard it is to get there with people. So begin practicing today! If you liked this blog post, help me get the word out to more people by hitting the “follow” button!

Go and be a lovingly curious person of other “persons”

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