Sending is Healthy

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🇬🇧 on Unsplash

Recently I had a conversation with a guy in our church who decided to leave. BUT, he’s leaving for reasons in which I’m so glad he’s leaving. Typically when you begin a conversation with, “My wife and I are leaving your church” it’s not always followed by positive words or encouragement. But this was very different. This guy shared that he and his wife are leaving because he felt called while attending our church to also lead in a church and to preach. God opened the door for him to do so and he left our church to do it. AWESOME!

Healthy organizations are those who focus more on sending out leaders. This doesn’t always work with every type of organization but healthy leaders are constantly developing other leaders to lead in higher capacities! I’ve read books and talked with other church leaders who say they are constantly losing the leaders they’ve built into because they are sent out to lead on their own. What a great model. It’s a model we get from Paul, a leading character in the New Testament of the Bible. He focused on sending leaders and it’s a great model even today.

The point of this short post is that we as leaders must focus on sending out. On equipping other leaders to not just survive but thrive in their own leadership roles, both now and future. So my question for you today is this: who are you equipping to one day send out as a leader? Your kids, co-workers, etc? If you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re actually commanded to be sending people out. To teach them what Jesus teaches you and then release them to do the same for others. Today, opt to be a leader who sends out!

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