How to Share “Good” News

Photo by Branden Harvey on Unsplash

If you’re a faith person (meaning you follow Jesus), you have probably been encouraged to or you desperately want to share the hope you have found in Jesus with others. The problem is, sometimes you just come off as weird… Right? And the way many of us were taught to share our faith can seem very artificial and pre-packaged. Kind of like the old days of handing out “tracks” with detailed instructions on how to become a Christian. But, if you’re like me, you always thought that was just plain weird!

What are we to do? We want to share the Good News because it’s, well, good! The original version of what Jesus taught was and still is so good for you, me, and society. But how do we share without being creepy or getting security called on us? Here’s the great news: it’s possible to share Good News of Jesus without being a weirdo. And, you might be surprised as where you start…

1st lesson from John the Baptist

In Luke 3: 1-21 we get a very short and general overview of John the Baptist’s time in ministry. If you know the story, he was supposed to come before Jesus to prepare people’s hearts to receive what Jesus was going to do. He “prepared the way.” Within those few verses you see John preaching what the author, Luke, recorded as “good news” of what Jesus is coming to do.

Naturally, people wanted to respond so they ask in verse 10, “what then shall we do” to which John’s answer probably surprised them and might just surprise you… If you read his answer, he told them that in whatever they found themselves doing vocationally, do it with honor and integrity as to honor God. He told them to start where they’re at. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air for you? Just start where you are, work hard, do your job well, and love on people. You will notice in each of John’s responses to the people, he placed the value of others above everything else.

2nd lesson from Philip (but not me)

Another place we see a similar response is with Philip (not me lol) in Acts 8: 26-40. In similar fashion, Philip sees a guy reading some of what we would call the Old Testament of the Bible. He simply meets the guy where he’s at. The guy reading opens up the seat next to him and allows Philip to explain what he’s reading.

Have you ever been around that person who just offers advice without you asking? Annoying isn’t it. That’s what I love about Philip’s approach. He simply asks an honest question “Do you understand what you’re reading” and the guy opens up to him.

In summary…

In summary, just start where you’re at. Do what you “do” well and with honor and integrity. Even if others write your story for you, just honor God. And when the opportunity arises and you’re invited into that realm with people, share. The news about Jesus is truly good news. Keep it that way. It’s not some program or “track” that you pass out. It’s a movement that started over 2,000 years ago and changed the world. And guess what, it’s still changing it today. This movement places the value of other people above yourself, which is why it was and still is so counter cultural. And it’s SO GOOD! Start where you’re at and be good news to those around you.

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