Find The “Why”

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

But Why?…

If someone were to ask you this question, what would you say?: Why do you do what you do? Scary question ins’t it? Especially when we don’t have an answer. Or our answer is just for survival and not passion. Direction in life comes from “discovering your why.” So does fulfillment. Part of starting this blog and coaching people stemmed from my own “why.”

Direction from Why

Many people go into professions that they have no idea “why” they wanted to do that in the 1st place. Then once they discover their “why” they uproot and start over. Our sense of direction comes from “why” we do what we do. In fact, that’s a great measuring tool as you move through life. If you get to the “why” and it doesn’t ignite your passion, maybe you pass over that opportunity.

Something I’m doing with everything this year (that I can) is ask “why.” If I want to do something, why do I want to do it? If I’m feeling certain emotions, why am I feeling those? “Why” is one of the most powerful questions to ask. It gives direction. That’s why little kids ask their parents “why” all the time. While annoying, it’s giving them direction along the way when parents can explain the “why” behind their actions.

Fulfillment from Why

Having direction also delivers fulfillment. There’s something deeply fulfilling about knowing your “why.” You get a sense of purpose and you feel productive when pursuing your meaningful “why.” Here’s where I think a large part of our fulfillment comes from: your “why” is unique from everyone else’s. That’s amazing because you bring things to the table that nobody else can. That’s fulfilling.

HOW to find your Why

That’s the main question isn’t it? Often we don’t know where to start. Here’s some great pointers I’ve been taught that might help you determine your own why:

  1. What are you saying “yes” to? Each time we say “yes” to something we are saying “no” to something else. If you’re saying “yes” to things that only drain you, you will miss your “why” because you’re allowing other things to steal your attention.
  2. What’s a problem you feel equipped to solve or passionate about?
  3. Tell this to your Limiting Beliefs = You’re NOT the boss of me!
  4. Journal, seriously. Write your thoughts out each day as they hit you. Keep a record of what you’re thinking and feeling. Keep asking thought provoking questions and write what you think. You will eventually begin to see a common thread.

Hopefully this proves to be helpful for you. Finding our “why” is such a powerful moment. For everything, if we know why we are doing it we can live with much more purpose. If this was helpful, hit subscribe on my blog. Also, pass this along so others can subscribe.

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