“You Might Be A Three If…”

Photo by Samuel Fyfe on Unsplash

We haven’t done this blog series in a while so I thought it was a good time to revisit. This series is called, “You Might Be A…” where we take a Type on the Enneagram and talk through what it’s like to be that Type. We mix in some humor (obviously), along with some paths for growth and help us better understand each Type

Today we are going with our beloved Three’s, or “Performers.” They reside in the Feelings/Heart Triad. Three’s have big hearts and a deep inner drive to perform and succeed. Many “high achievers” in our business-world and on the job site are Performers. So let’s talk about how you might be a Three if…

You Might Be A “Three” If…

You want to get to the top AND look good doing it.

Being at the top is fun, invigorating, and for you as a Three, it’s fulfilling. But it’s not enough to just be at the top, you have to look good doing it. And being at the “top” doesn’t just apply to our work does it? If you’re a Three, you know this. It could be vacation or how much money you can spend. If you’re wondering if you’re a Three, maybe a good guide is your Instagram account. If your photos highlight what you can “do” or “spend” or “travel” and more, you may be a Three… You want others to know your accomplishments and you want to look good when accomplishing them. This makes you a high achiever but watch out for your motives behind success. You are more than you achievements.

You Might Be A “Three” If…

You believe you are loved more when you achieve more.

While every team you are ever on will benefit from your drive for success you may have a tendency to believe that you are only accepted by what you can “do.” Many Three’s suffer from a workaholic mindset which can be devastating to their life, family, and mind. Be driven BUT remember that your success does NOT determine your worth! A freeing message for all Three’s is to know they are known and loved for more than they can produce.

You Might Be A “Three” If…

You press on when everybody else gives up.

What a great superpower to have! You have this ability to motivate others to achieve apparent “impossible” goals and dreams. That’s why people love having you on their team. Many Three’s are great speakers because they know how to motivate others. Use this in whatever team you are on: work, family, Church, kids’ events, and more. You’re the person who will continue working hard when all others are giving up. We all wish we could be a bit more like that. I know I’ll read about famous Three’s and can quickly become envious of their ability to achieve their dreams. Well done and keep it up as long as you remember that your success isn’t “who” you are.

You Might Be A “Three” If…

You actually “can” multitask.

I think all of us like to “think” we can do more than 1 thing at a time. The reality is, we can’t. But you actually can. You have the ability to think about many things at one time. You can see the big picture even while in the mundane. You can also know the next steps to take to actually see the big picture materialize. The world needs your ability to multi-task. That’s how you have such high capacity. Just be careful you don’t burn yourself out. Remember, solitude is good for you! So is rest!

Are you a Performer?

Maybe you resonated with some or all of these. That could mean you are a Three, but it could also mean you’re just a well-rounded person. The best thing for you to do now is take a test to determine your Type. Each Type on the Enneagram is special and unique. Each has their own challenges and quirks. That’s what makes this tool such a gift. We can better know ourselves and others.

Thanks for reading and we will see you next time!

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