The Power of Gratitude

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

I keep a daily journal. It’s a practice I’ve had to constantly discipline myself to do for years. By now, it’s pretty much a daily practice that I look forward to. You know what made it that way? Gratitude.

When I first started journaling, negative content came naturally to me. I would journal often about being frustrated or wishing I was somewhere else in life. While it’s good to write often and even to “vent” occasionally my journaling never really took off. Until…

Enter Gratitude.

Listening to many great leaders can help us grow and never be complacent. There’s a podcast I was listening to on my morning commute that challenged people to begin each day listing the things they’re grateful for. I love to write so I began journaling, more and more, about what I’m grateful for. This has been so transforming for me.

When I review past journals, the language is totally different now. There is great power to begin days with a sense of gratitude. I typically begin my morning routine with journaling and then do it several times throughout the day. But beginning with gratitude totally changes the trajectory of the entire day.

A Thanksgiving Challenge.

My reason for this short blog today is simple: this holiday season, I challenge you to do what I’m calling the 30 day Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. Each day, list the things and people you’re grateful for. I’ll do it too! If you really want to further the challenge, don’t write anything (or say anything, yikes) negative for 30 days. Watch what happens!

Will you take the challenge?

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