STOP, and be still!

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A couple weeks ago, we wrote about 3 incredible practices that can allow each type on the Enneagram to lean more into their True Self. Each one is beneficial for every person but there are specific Types that resonate more with each one. Here’s the quick breakdown.

  1. Silence (Types 5,6,7)
  2. Solitude (Types 2,3,4)
  3. Stillness (Types 8,9,1)

Let’s tackle just one today and talk about how we can engage in that practice. Today, let’s talk about STILLNESS.

Stillness defined.

Stillness is not just for 8,9, and 1 on the Enneagram. Although they are the ones that desperately need stillness. To be still is a great contemplative practice for anybody. But, what does it mean to actually be still? I think that depends on the person, honestly. For me, being still means not rushing off to the next task after I complete my current one. It also means not allowing my mind to always wonder or just feel the need to constantly be “moving” to avoid being truly still.

How to reach stillness.

But how do we get there? Great question. To get to stillness we must first recognize that we are always on the move. My always moving could look different than yours. The key is to increase your self-awareness. What do you “do” that constantly keeps you busy? Checklists, email, Facebook, house chores, exercise, talking to yourself, the list is endless. Chances are, those closest to you can also help identify what you use to avoid being still. Once you identify “what” it is, you now know what you have to work on.

Why pursue stillness.

All of this work to find what keeps us from being still begs the question: why? Why be still? How will things get done? Full disclosure: that was my exact question upon my introduction to stillness as a contemplative practice. My desire is to be constantly moving towards another hill to blaze or challenge to overcome. I get a certain high off of conquering. BUT, is that really going to satisfy in the long run? I have found that it does not.

What really does fulfill is when I can silence that inner desire to “do” just one more thing. For me, when I can sit and simply be still I gain perspective. I’m also reminded of who I am and WHY I do what I do. I’m a follower of Jesus and when I’m still, I’m reminded of what Jesus says about me and those around me.

Stillness can also help you confront your hidden motives for always being on the move. Chances are, there’s some insecurity behind your constant desire to accomplish and “do.” Unless we are still, we will never fully discover those insecurities and deal with them.

Practice being still.

Perhaps you could consider the practice of stillness. Follow the process outlined in this post and engage, consent, and encounter stillness. If you do this, please post what happens in the comments! We will tackle the other practices later so stay tuned. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog yet, be sure to do that to stay up to date!

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