We Are ONE!

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Recently I heard a message that I have since felt compelled to share in this space. Today will be a little break from our normal leadership and Enneagram content but I think for a good reason. I hope this encourages you and motivates you, it sure did me! This will be a short post but an encouraging one.

Recently I was privileged to sit at the feet of a leader with a heart for unity. His name is B Haley and he drummed in a famous band for 18 years called Toby Mac and Diverse City.

We Are One

When I think about life and leadership a word that always comes to mind is = conflict. There’s no instance where conflict is avoidable. It does happen. But, does conflict have to divide us? So often it does. So often differences in how we look, act, think, and the things we do cause us to silo people into the “untouchable” category. We can’t be one with those who are different than us or who don’t have the same values.

Although conflict is unavoidable, separation is totally avoidable. By doing just a few simple things (or not allowing ourselves to do certain things) we can embrace the idea that we are all one race = human beings. As promised, this will be a short post. To do that let’s just ask: How can we be “one” with those who differ from us?

How to be “One”

Step 1: STOP using your social media as your platform to attack.

Let’s call it like it is, blasting a comment out on social media is cowardly. And unnecessary. Does it really solve anything? I have yet to see the day when an argument is won by the most snide remark winning the day. Just doesn’t happen. I like to ask this question whenever I get heated up about something: “What does love require of me in this exact moment in time?”

Step 2: START choosing to elevate others.

Why is it so hard for us to celebrate other’s wins? Because it’s not our win… But what if we started choosing to elevate others. Think of the impact our words actually have. In step 1, we saw how they can tear down and cause great division when used poorly. But they also have the reverse affect. When chosen wisely and seasoned with love, they can bring life into those around us.

Closing Remarks

Well there you have it. Nothing profound and it really doesn’t have to be. Just simple = We Are One. This has caused me to stop and really engage with my emotions and my gut reactions more in depth before acting. What about you?

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