You Might Be A “9” If…

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Welcome back to this fun series I’ll be doing every now and then called, “You Might Be A …” In this series I’ll take each number on the Enneagram, mix in some humor (of course), and help guide us to knowing how and why we respond to certain things. For today, we have our “Peacemakers.” Nines are known as our Helpers. So the question is = what’s it like being a Nine? Well, you might be a “9” if…

You Might Be A “9” If…

You are easy to be around.

When it comes to people you can kick back and just be yourself around, people look for those who are wired like you. You can make anybody from any walk of life feel like they belong and like you care. It’s truly a unique gifting that you possess more than any other Type on the Enneagram. One thing I love about 9’s is that you never feel judged around them. And they have this uncanny ability to make everyone feel accepted and known. When people just want to “chill” and be known, they come to you. You’re a great friend so lean into that gifting because all of us secretly covet your ability to love all people well.

You Might Be A “9” If…

People come to you with their issues.

This one is unique. Because of your ability to see all sides, people tend to want to come to you with their issues. You’re a kind and listening ear and can actually help mediate conflicts between other people. When you can engage and take a focused interest in other people’s issues, you give them a great gift of being heard and can actually help them navigate the waters of conflict and their own issues. If you could master the art of asking a good question and pair that with your ability to see all sides, you would be asked to start your own counseling practice! Thank you for this gift!

You Might Be A “9” If…

You’ve been accused of being detached and aloof.

You really aren’t “detached” but your fear of conflict and anger and how you like to blend with everybody sometimes shows up on your face. Even more so in your actions. Sometimes people don’t really understand that you are engaged because you might avoid eye contact and seem like you don’t care. If you could work on this, you would be able to be fully present with those people. Don’t fear leaning into the discomfort of conflict and hard conversations. If you could develop your “8” wing a bit more this could really help you engage in conflict and actually have an opinion.

You Might Be A “9” If…

You are negative but typically towards yourself.

I’ve got some people in my life that resonate with this big time. They will begin to journal (which I encourage all my life coaching clients to do during our time together and hopefully beyond) and they will discover that they are in fact pretty negative. But their negativity is aimed at themselves. Their anger is geared towards themselves. Listen to this from a friend, you have got to take it easy on yourself. You must realize you do have an opinion and it really does matter! Here’s a challenge I would submit to you: list 1-2 positive qualities about yourself. Continue doing this and speak those redeeming words over your life as you move through it!

You Gotta Love 9’s!

Nines are our beloved peacemakers. When they are healthy and growing, they are powerful agents to world peace. When they discover some social justice issue or problem they want to solve in the world, look out! They are working at it from a totally devoted heart. If you’re a “9” practice being still and digging deep into your real needs that DO matter!

I hope this was encouraging to you. This blog series is fun to write. Feel free to pass it along! It’s not in depth with each Type but it’s a fun brain teaser.

Think you might be a 9? Find out HERE.

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