On the Edge of YIKES

Photo by Nathan Shipps on Unsplash

Many of us fear living on the edge. We fear the height and the fact that we might just fall. Often, we live in fear of the edge and this leads to a flat out boring life with no passion or zeal. But when we get to the edge of a great idea and things become risky, there’s a great energy and life that comes along with that. From my experience, when we come to the edge of YIKES we come to those moments in our lives of great growth, increased awareness, positive energy, and even bolder courage. To live on the edge of YIKES means taking your idea and actually doing it! No matter what people tell you, you take your idea that you know is something special and you go for it!

Myself and some of my closest friends enjoy this saying. I have no idea where it comes from but it goes like this:

“Fortune favors the bold.”

Says those who live on the edge of yikes

Man I enjoy those words. Not because I seek fortune or expect every daring attempt to turn out right but because it displays the faith needed to take the plunge. Not every bold attempt turns out the way you hoped it would (more on that in a minute). But anything that changes the world comes from a bold attempt to chase a dream or make a difference.

What is the “edge” of yikes?

One of those “edge of yikes” moments for me was my first big career shift. I was a youth pastor in the Metro-Detroit area and honestly, quite miserable there. I loved my students and their families but the church was not going anywhere and didn’t want to grow and realize its full potential. Being just out of college, I had no idea how to grow a church and I was just the youth pastor. On top of that, the feeling of being single and all alone had me in a pretty tough spot.

When the opportunity arose to take another youth ministry position in another state, take a huge pay cut, and move back to the middle of nowhere I was definitely experiencing one of those YIKES moments. I was terrified. I moved from a tiny town like the one I would go to if I took this new job because I couldn’t stand tiny towns. But I knew staying at the current position would continue to drain me. It was clear the church did not want to grow. So, I decided to take the new opportunity.

I read everything you could read to try and make letting my boss know, the students know, and the transition go well. Needless to say, it did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. That’s part of living on the edge of yikes, it rarely goes as planned. My boss at the time did not take it well, only 2 people showed up to help me pack and move, and I knew that many people were pretty upset with me. While I think my old boss could have handled things better, so could I. That’s the great thing about living on the edge, you grow from your experiences and in your self-awareness.

Shortly after that I relocated and began a new chapter in my life. It was a huge move to say the least. But, taking the plunge and deciding to live on the edge of yikes brought me to a very healthy and growing season of ministry, gave me illumination on another huge career change I would take just 3 years later, and brought me to my wife (the ultimate reward of living on the edge).

Will you live on the edge of yikes?

I’m finding that more and more those people I meet who are full of life and energy are those who refuse to play it safe. Both of the huge transitions in my professional career I have taken forced me to live on the edge and grow my faith in Jesus. If you follow Jesus, that’s the best side-effect of living on the edge. You absolutely must trust Jesus.

What is the “edge of YIKES” for you? Maybe for you it’s asking that special somebody out on a date (finally). Maybe it’s a career change. Maybe it’s having that hard conversation that you’re not sure how it will go. Whatever it is for you, just go and get it done. Living on the edge of YIKES means you look at your ambitions and goals and you do them. I would encourage you to not let another day go by that you steer clear of the edge. It’s on the edge of yikes that your deepest dreams, goals, and most prosperous seasons of life will be realized.

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