Part 2: Secret Weapon to Productivity

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Quick Recap

Welcome back to part 2 of this blog where we reveal a secret weapon to productivity. They are called “Daily Rituals” and when I first discovered them, it became a game changer. You can check out the first part of this blog that contains the back story HERE. I will just move on and jump right into the Final two Daily Rituals that will align each of your days to achieve mass success. This will follow the same format as part 1.

The Daily Rituals are things that you “automate” that you repeat every single day. They are the simple practices that you delegate to a certain part of your day that you hit the “repeat” button on each day. If you can master this practice, you will create great margin! You can work to accomplish your goals. Here we go with the final 2!

#3: Workday Shut Down Ritual

This one really does bookend each day nicely. You can bring your entire day full circle and set yourself up to repeat the very next day. The shut down ritual is key to get those last minute items complete and to revisit that pesky task list. I have just three things I do to bookend each day. #1 = Empty Inbox. I said earlier in the week that my email does NOT stay open the entire day. Talk about a distraction. So I save it all for the end of the day to do follow ups and answer email. This helps me leave the office with an empty inbox which I find gives me a lot of peace of mind at home.

#2 = Craft Big 3 for the next day. Sometimes I go ahead and list all 3 of the biggest things I can do the next day to maximize my goals. Sometimes I just write down 1-2. I really like having all 3 complete before I leave the office. This helps me get ready the next day and already have a solid plan in place so I can begin the next work day with a purpose. #3 = Review Journals and Weekly Big 3. Review is key in this process. I always make sure my Daily Big 3 aligned with accomplishing my Weekly Big 3. I make sure that each day helps me get close to crossing those Weekly Big 3 off my list by the end of the week. This is how I can get to the end of the week and visually SEE the progress. It’s a good feeling.

#4: Evening Ritual

Now we come to the final ritual designed to bookend your day. You would be surprised how having a little bit of structure and ritual to how you end your day improves sleep, brain power, and mental health! I’ve got four pivotal things I do. Just a side note, when it gets closer to bedtime, stop watching TV. Get off the devices. Seriously; it messes with your rest and you are zero productive. Read, talk, journal or something. Rest is robbed when it’s used as a code word to “veg out” and go brain dead each night.

#1 = Exercise. My evening ritual starts as soon as I leave the office and begin my workout with my wife. I prefer CrossFit but it really doesn’t matter what you do, just do something! Get active. #2 = Dinner together. Sara and I have a priority to eat together each day. Very rarely will we allow ourselves to not eat together. Those conversations and debriefing of each of our day is pivotal.

#3 = Share ONE win with Sara. Typically I like to share more than just one highlight but I always want to be sure I share at least one serious WIN with her. It could be one of my Daily Big 3 that moved the mark, a good conversation I had, or something I felt God showing me in my quiet time. #4 = Pray Together. If you are a follower of Jesus, do this! You will not be sorry. Pray with those who are closest to you (kids, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone). There’s such power when you pray together. This is a perfect way to end the day for me and it strengthens Sara and I’s relationship.

Closing Thoughts

The idea is that you would have freed yourself all day to focus on actually moving the mark on your goals. I say this about my work day: “Save the mundane for the end. Work on current projects that will actually move the mark during the day.”

It’s all about energy management = When are you most productive? And having rituals that allows you to process what happens each day prevents burnout. It also limits yourself to only taking on what you can reasonably accomplish in a given day. I enjoy these 4 rituals because they allow me to be fully present in what I’m doing at each moment of the day. I hope they do the same for you. I’ve provided my examples; you will have your own. My challenge to you is to start doing these today!

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