Secret Weapon to Productivity!

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The Question that plagues all of us goal setters = “Why is it that I can write goals but at the end of a super busy day, I’m still NO CLOER to achieving them???”

Well, we have all been there… You may have some great goals and seem super busy all day only to be no closer to achieving them. Your inbox, Facebook, “urgent” tasks constantly draws your attention away from your goals. Or, you don’t have goals at all because you’re so busy that you can’t get away to make the head space to even contemplate goals for your life. It makes you wonder how these high achievers get things done and why you can’t seem to move the mark.

There are several best practices that will help you move the mark on your goals. Today, I would like to share one that has helped me tremendously. When I say tremendously, that still doesn’t do it justice. This practice has functioned more like my lifeline! It saves me so much time and every single day I automatically have the head space and margin to really move the mark. No longer am I ruled by the mundane or the things that distract my attention like email and the never ending “task” list.

This practice comes from a very well known high achiever by the name of Michael Hyatt in which I use his Full Focus Planner. Within this planner and also books he’s written, Michael introduces you to something called “Daily Rituals.” Let me tell you all = it’s a game changer!

Daily Rituals! What are they?

The Daily Rituals are things that you “automate” that you repeat every single day. They are the simple practices that you delegate to a certain part of your day that you hit the “repeat” button each day. If you can master this practice, you will create great margin! You can work to accomplish your goals. The items in these daily rituals allows you to take those things that can take up tons of time (like email) and proved a dedicated time and space for you to do those each day. Let me use my own as an example. There’s 4 Daily Rituals you should consider.

#1: Morning Ritual

This happens before you even begin your work day. For me, it’s the moment after my morning shower. I have only three things in this category. #1 = Read Scripture while drinking water and coffee. I’m dehydrated in the morning so I drink a huge glass of water. And with coffee that’s a given! I mean, a day without coffee is… Yeah, I have no idea what that’s like. And I always read my Bible or an uplifting book. When I connect with Jesus each morning I’m better; plain and simple. My relationship with Jesus is where I find my “why” behind all that I do. So it’s no doubt I begin each day spending time with him.

#2 = Journal. Once I read and have some caffeine in me, I write. It’s not profound each time and takes different forms. Sometimes I write prayers. Other times I summarize what I just read, what’s on my heart, and things I’m grateful for. It clears my mind and gives me good head space. #3 = Breakfast. I like food and a man’s gotta eat. Never skip breakfast! And ditch the cereal, it’s terrible for you. Eat real and whole breakfast foods! I mean, who doesn’t like bacon! Just ask Michael Scott (and his grilled foot).

#2: Workday Start Up Ritual

This one is the most important for me to maximize my productivity each work day. I have 4 things I do. Hopefully these examples will stir your own mind to what needs to be in your workday startup ritual. #1 = Review annual, weekly, and daily goals. These are my goals for the whole year, then how my week will help me move the mark, then how each day will help me accomplish those goals. It’s a system that works! Michael Hyatt helped bring this to my attention and I’m forever grateful.

#2 = Calendar Review. Just a simple run through of my day. Just a note, I don’t always check the rest of the week. That’s a black hole for me because I just keep checking the next week, and the next, and the next… I want to just be present for today because it’s got enough stuff to deal with on it’s own. #3 = Empty Inbox and Check Social Media Inboxes. Today’s culture has a TON of inboxes. I check and clear all of them at one time then they go dark till the end of the workday. Email can suck you into a never ending abyss. I will look once, follow up in the morning, then get to work and only open email if I need to communicate that way on a huge project or goal. Trust me, you will love the freedom this gives.

#4 = Review Work Journal, Life Plan, and my Ideal Week. This helps me really focus on what my life should be characterized by each day. In my work journal I’ll have notes from the day before I review. This is where I keep all my notes for my projects. I use both handwritten and digital!

Stay Tuned for #’s 3 and 4 coming THIS THURSDAY

To keep these posts easier to read I will stop here for now. Come back Thursday for the other two; you will be glad you did!


  1. I completely relate to this post. I have goals that I set at the beginning of the Fiscal Year for my company, but I don’t really look at them until it is time to send an update to my superiors. What I find is that I am completely busy every day, but I don’t actually make any headway until it is time to give an update. These are long term goals that end up being procrastination goals, because I focus on my daily tasks and only my daily tasks. This practice allows me to be very efficient on short term goals, but I lose sight on long term goals. The only daily rituals I have right now are to get out of bed, get dressed, and get to work. I start every workday with restarting my computer and checking my schedule for the day. After that, I prioritize my tasks for the day. I think the toughest thing, for me personally, is that I know what I should be doing to achieve a better outlook; but I tend to gravitate toward quick, easy, shortcut type material. This helps me in that I can automate things programmatically, but I think I take a hit on the larger things in life.


    1. Ricky what amazing reflection your comment was. So glad to hear that brother and know that you’re definitely not alone in that! I will post the other 2 tomorrow. You would probably benefit from reading some of Michael Hyatt’s material. It’s been a game changer in how I tackle my goals. I now know exactly what they are and it’s so exciting to see them move! Thanks again brother.


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