You Might Be a “2” If…

Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

Welcome back to this fun series I’ll be doing every now and then called, “You Might Be A …” In this series I’ll take each number on the Enneagram, mix in some humor (of course), and help guide us to knowing how and why we respond to certain things. For today, we have our “Helpers.” Twos are known as our Helpers. So the question is = what’s it like being a Two? My Mother-in-Law is an amazing Two! Well, you might be a “2” if…

You Might Be A “2” If…

People KNOW you love them.

This goes without saying for healthy Twos. You just know they are going to be there for you and that they care. Twos focus attention outward, towards others. You value relationships and you will do anything for those you love. You’re the type that will not take money from people you are helping out. One thing you wish but would never, ever admit is that people would show appreciation for all you do for them. Not to “pay you back” but at least notice your selfless love. Keep loving well because the world needs healthy Twos who can love selflessly. Jesus did that and changed the entire world for all time.

You Might Be A “2” If…

Nobody every goes hungry.

Let me explain this one, try not to blush if you’re a Two. Picture this, you’re on this amazing beach vacation and it’s early in the morning. You begin to smell bacon, coffee, and other amazing smells coming from the kitchen. Bet you can’t guess who that would be?… If you’re a Two, you don’t need to guess because that person is YOU! Two’s are the one’s that provide for everybody else. If you go on vacation with my Mother-in-Law you literally never have to worry about what you will eat, she’s on it. BUT, we all could really pitch in and help instead of let her do her thing. She’ll never ask but she would love the help. We all get to enjoy family gatherings and come away having ate too much because of the Two’s in our lives. Let’s pitch in. And Two’s, start asking for help! For real.

You Might Be A “2” If…

You have been told you volunteer for too much.

This one makes us chuckle. We all know the person (maybe it’s you) who is in a group of people planning an event and the question is asked: who will bring the main dish? You raise your hand. Further along in the meeting, somebody asks: who will come early to set up? Your hand goes up again. Then during the event, somebody asks if anybody would be willing to stay late after and clean up… Guess who’s hand goes up, again? This is a hard truth, but sometimes Twos can volunteer for everything and secretly wear it as a badge of pride. But this can lead to burnout and resentment towards others who don’t carry as much of the load as you. Try this = volunteer for fewer things and do them really well. You really are just wanting to be validated and encouraged that you are loved. That’s why you love so well! Thank you for your sacrifice, but know you don’t have to sacrifice every time.

You Might Be A “2” If…

You feel alone often.

Sometimes you look out your window into the yard and everybody is gathered out there while you’re still inside cleaning up from Thanksgiving. Sometimes your serving expression of love can actually cause you to miss out on making memories with those that matter. Let the dishes sit AND ask for somebody else to clean them up. A great growth point for you, according to experts, is to develop a consistent “self” that doesn’t alter or deviate to please others. What you need to hear is that you don’t have to meet everybody’s needs, that yours actually do matter, and that you are loved without having to earn it!

You Gotta Love Twos!

Wow, we love Twos. Where would we be without our Helpers? Your sacrifice for others is felt and appreciated but you don’t always have to be the last person who’s opinion counts. Twos make every event better, families better, churches better. Why? Because they serve! Just be careful, if you’re a Two, that you don’t allow that to morph into hidden pride and grow into resentment. Ask for help. Accept help from others. Love well and know that you are loved! We love you amazing Twos!

Think you might be a Two? You can take a free test here.

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