Amplify Hope

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All of us amplify something. Think about it… What you really believe in you amplify, talk about, shout about, argue about, get involved with, and more. We amplify things that we are invested in or that we believe in. This is one of the reason’s you’re reading this blog. I believe in life and leadership development so I created a website to serve as a platform to discuss just that; to AMPLIFY something I’m passionate about (sorry for shouting).

No matter what platform you choose to amplify there’s one that I really believe all of us should try and amplify. All of us can amplify HOPE. Think about it for a moment: How can you amplify hope in other people? When you see things falling apart for somebody and they begin listening to Limiting Beliefs you can amplify hope and drown out those false beliefs. Believe it or not, all of us have this ability of hope amplification in another person’s life. Here’s 2 steps to how (there’s of course many ways to amplify hope but these are 2 big ones I see in my own life).

1. Put your toolbox away

This first one is for all the “fixers” out there (myself included). When somebody is going through something what’s our first inclination? Be honest… To FIX their issue. To us, it feels like that’s amplifying hope because we “know” the answer and can help them see the correct course of action. What I’m discovering is that when you offer to fix somebody else’s problem they are rarely grateful. Why? Because that’s not listening well and it’s not offering hope. It’s making somebody your broken project you need to fix… Not cool.

I’m learning to keep my toolbox in the garage until I’m asked to pull it out and help solve somebody else’s problem. They may never ask and that’s okay. I just have to be willing to listen first and love well and be constantly reassuring that person of my presence. That’s how you amplify hope in somebody else. Just stop fixing people! What they may be needing is simply your presence, not your hacksaw.

2. Get physical (appropriately of course)

So once you put away your toolbox it’s now time for the other part that seems out of the ordinary for us “fixers.” Get physical; for real. What I have discovered is that if somebody is comfortable enough to open up a deep and insecure part of their life they will more than welcome a simple touch. Rather than the toolbox of all the things you can do to help them fix it, what could be needed is a hand on the shoulder. Maybe even a hug showing them that your presence is felt and not going anywhere (be sure to make the hug brief or you might be labeled as creepy and nobody likes a creepy hugger).

I used to not believe this part of amplifying hope. For me, I didn’t think anybody ever touching me would mean anything to me at all. Until it happened. When I’m going through something and the person listening (usually my wife) simply hugs me, puts a hand on my shoulder, or pats my back it reassures me of the hope I have in that person. I think that’s why Jesus always got physical with the people everybody else shunned. How genius! Break the physical barrier. Jesus knew, and we should too, that our presence is more important in amplifying hope than anything else.

Now, it’s your turn

So what can you do? Try this! Seriously. If you’re like me, a “fixer” you will feel like you have to sneeze but can’t each time you encounter somebody going through something and you refuse to fix them. You may even feel like you’re letting them down. But if they really want “fixin” they’ll ask. In my life, they have always asked if they want help. Or, I ask (there’s a good idea) if they want advice or not. People will tell you!

What would happen if you and I became people who amplified hope in the lives of others. I mentioned His name earlier, but Jesus amplified hope and changed this world forever. Those who amplify hope in others make a difference that lasts. Who in your life needs you to put away your toolbox and simply be present to amplify hope?

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